Important Timing and Psychic Readings

Important Timing and Psychic Readings

One of the biggest questions that people ask when getting a psychic reading is “when” something is going to happen. This is a natural thing that clients will ask. They want to know when they will get into a relationship, when they will get a job or when they will find their happiness.

Sometimes a psychic is able to give a time limit but other times they are not, and their predictions can be off.

When you are getting a reading, it is important that you know about divine timing.


You need to understand that not everyone has celestial knowledge. No one knows exactly when things are going to happen and with divine timing, there is limitations in people knowing things.

The best thing that someone can do is to give a timeline. This means that you aren’t pinpointing the exact time but a round about time that something can happen.

Some people are given more knowledge than others and sometimes the guides will protect the information and not allow you to get all of the details.

When you look back at stuff, you will learn to see that a timeline is there to predict things but sometimes the spirit world has a different plan.

Predictions and Accuracy

Timing predictions are not always accurate. People do not have the same kind of time as spirits do and so divine timing goes through different times and seasons.

The energy will flow through different ages and eras and the planets are different. Time is not always the same and things will happen when they are supposed to happen and so when you wait, you will get what you need.

Be Patient

It is important that you learn to be patient. In our society, people want things to happen right away. We are used to things happening immediately. We want things shipped overnight, we want to watch a whole season in a day, and we want things to happen right away for us.

We are programmed in our minds to expect things to happen now. If they don’t then we tend to get upset.

When it comes to time, there are issues sometimes in how time lines up. Ask these things:

  • What is in play in this situation?
  • What circumstances are working together to make things happen?
  • Is there enough energy to get rid of blocks?

The divine energy is part of the strength to make things happen. There are different forces that work together and when these forces are rushed or when we become impatient, we give up on our focus and we do not have the outcome that we want.

Our questions should not be when something is going to happen but how and what you can do to make it happen.

This doesn’t mean that you should never ask, just know that things will happen when they are meant to, and this is not a magic situation. Learn to relax, be patient and let time have its way.

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