Is Your Relationship Fake?

Your Relationship Fake?

We live in a world of fake relationships. People get on social media and make their new relationship look so good that they forget they have to work on it to make it real. Or they pretend that they love someone so deeply when they hardly can stand to be around them.

Maybe you see couples online that always are tagging each other but when you talk to them about their relationship, they talk about how their partner isn’t supportive and how they are selfish. They talk about how much they fight but that they think that by posting it on social media, they can have a relationship that seems normal and good.

Everyone who sees it online believes the relationship is normal and most outsiders will think that no one could beat the love between them. A relationship that is fake is one that seems to be perfect, loving and has two partners that never seem to mess up. But the truth is that the way that they feel about each other is often opposite of what they post.

There are signs that someone might be pretending to be in love with you or they might just be using you. You have to learn to look at red flags and pay attention to the signs before you get too deep into the relationship.

Faking a Relationship

You might wonder why someone would ever consider faking a relationship but there are many reasons why this could happen. Some people will do this because they are lonely so they pretend to be in love, or some do it because they need to have money and are in the relationship so their life can be easy. Others will do it for bragging rights.

These relationships have a dramatic ending and even if you love this person fully, their lack of love is one that can leave you feeling sad and hurt. Some people call these fake relationships things like fishing dating or bench dating.

There is no real love in a relationship that is fake. This person will just want you around when you make them look good or when you make them feel good. They will brag about how good you are to them and then as soon as the day is over, they might not talk to you for a while. These are all signs that they don’t really love you.

Signs of a Fake Relationship

If you are in a relationship where your partner is faking their love for you, this can be devastating for you. You might notice that your partner is being fake and if so, the relationship will probably end, soon.

Don’t let people fool you or make you think that they love you when you know that they don’t. Here are some signs to look for:

Sometimes Romantic, Sometimes Not

A partner that loves you will be romantic all the time. Even if there are little gestures, they will show you how much they care. When your partner is showing you romance in front of others, chances are that they are being fake.

Not Listening

When you talk to your partner and they have no idea what you are saying and they aren’t listening, they probably don’t love you. They might be pretending to love you because they want the attention of being with someone, but they have no interest in who you are.

People that love someone will remember even the small details about that person. If you are in a relationship where your partner knows nothing about you and remembers nothing, he probably never loved you.

Boring Conversations

Being with someone should exciting and you should have a lot of things to talk about. When you find the relationships are boring and you just wish to be alone, this might mean that the relationship is already sour.

Kind When People Are Around

One of the biggest signs that he doesn’t love you is when he is nice to you when people are around. He does nice things to show off but at home he doesn’t even act like you exist. This is not love and if he doesn’t give you love when you are by yourself, chances are he is being fake.

Never Meeting the Parents

A relationship that is serious should start with meeting the family. When it gets to a point of seriousness, most partners want to take their partner to meet their parents or siblings. If she isn’t taking you to meet her parents, this could be a sign that she doesn’t really love or respect you.

Even if you are invested deeply in the relationship, the feelings might not be the same.

Sex But No Romance

A relationship doesn’t always mean its fake if the sex isn’t that great or if it isn’t happening often. But, if there is no emotional intimacy during, before or after sex, this can be a sign that he is just using you for sex.

Not Knowing Them

One way that you can tell if someone loves you is if you know them. If you don’t really know them then they are probably not serious about you. A person that loves you will be open and honest with you and will want to reveal all of their secrets to you.

No Grand Gestures

Don’t ever expect to wake up to flowers all over the house or to get balloons at work if the relationship is fake. A person that is in a fake relationship only cares for themselves and they won’t go out of their way to make you feel loved.

If you wonder if someone is just faking their love for you, think about a time when your partner did something amazing for you. If this hasn’t happened, maybe its time to move on.

Future Talks?

Do you ever have future talks? Future talks come with serious relationships and if this is not happening, they are probably faking their love for you. The person knows that the relationship is going to end soon and so they don’t put any thought into what the future holds for you as a couple.

Fights Are Ignored and Frequent

Hurt in a relationship happens but when the relationship is fake, there can be more fights. Usually, the one that is fake will ignore the fights and not really care about what your feelings are. The fights might become more and more and this is just a quicker way for them to get out of the relationship.

Pay attention to how much your emotions mean to this person. If you are crying because someone hurt you and they refuse to even acknowledge you, the relationship is as fake as fake can be.

Being Ignored

One of the biggest signs that your relationship is fake is when your partner ignores you. If you have a problem and they refuse to answer you, chances are that they don’t care about you. When you are going through hard times, see if your partner is there to comfort you.

If there is no concern for you or your feelings, chances are that they are being fake with you.

No Real Plans

Someone that loves you will want to make plans to be with you and to hang out. If you are in a relationship where your partner is fake, you probably will never get a real answer about plans. Their actions will show you that they have no respect for you. Maybe you are planning something, and they won’t give you an answer if they will go or they change their mind about going depending on something else going on.

A person that is in a fake relationship will never have any respect for you and will never respect spending time with you. They won’t care if you are upset, and they don’t care what you feel.

Forgetting You

A fake partner is someone that forgets things like calling you back or forgetting to do things they promised to do. They also might keep forgetting the promises that they made to have a conversation.

Speaking of the Ex

One of the worst things to deal with is to have your partner bring up their ex. They might do this if you were a rebound relationship. A partner that talks about their ex often probably still has feelings for them. They don’t care to compare you to their ex, and they don’t care to hurt you by telling you all of the love they had for them.

White Lies

No partner should ever be lying to you. If your partner is lying, even smaller white lies, this is a bad sign. Sometimes they will do this so that they can look good or so that they can get away from you. No matter what the reason, this is a bad sign. This is a big sign that they are also lying about loving you.

Ending a Fake Relationship

There are things that you need to do to end this kind of relationship. No one should have to be put in a relationship that is fake and where someone doesn’t love you. Here is how to end it:

Talk About It

Take time to talk to your partner about how they are making you feel. Tell them about the ways that you see them as a fake partner. Tell them what you want from them and if they cannot give that to you then you need to move on without them.

Don’t Let Them Rationale You

No matter what they say to sweet talk you, don’t let them. Find out if they really love you and if they don’t, they need to let you go. Don’t allow them to keep lying and disrespecting you. You are not a fool, and you shouldn’t be played as one.

Don’t Be Friends

There is no reason to stay friends with this person once you end the relationship. That will just allow them to get back into your life and take you for granted even more. Let them go and decide not to talk to them or be around them. They will do what they can to keep using you and you have to set your foot down.

Build Yourself Up

Take time to build up who you are and to learn to know yourself. Take charge of your life and find things to do that make you happy. Take a class, find a hobby and do something that makes you smile. This is a time to make new friends and to meet new people.

Be Free

This is a time where you can be free, and you can find your own happiness. You don’t have to waste your time anymore on someone that doesn’t care for you. The world is your playground, and you need to take advantage of that.

Deal with the person that is pretending to love you and reclaim your life. Move on from them and take it as a lesson that you have learned the hard way. Even if you have a hard time trusting people again, you can do this but don’t do it too soon.

Learn to trust people as they earn it from you so that you don’t fall into, he same boat again. You can find a relationship that is real and not one that just looks happy but one that is a genuinely, happy and carefree relationship.

No fake relationship will be fun or romantic. You will have hurt; pain and you will never get the future that you want. There will be fights and broken dreams and a loss of hope. You have to end this kind of relationship so that you can find a real relationship in your future. You need to love and enjoy the new freedom that you have once the fake relationship is gone.

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  1. Oh, this is just rich! Relationships that are all about grand romantic gestures and meeting parents as a benchmark for love? What century are we living in? If only love were as simple as what’s described here. Where’s the nuance, people?

  2. I find this somewhat informative but also a bit alarmist. Yes, fake relationships exist, but this paints an awfully bleak picture. Real relationships have ups and downs, and not every argument or lack of public affection is a red flag. A more balanced view would be appreciated.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with this! Social media has distorted our perceptions of real relationships. It’s disheartening to see people more invested in their online image than in genuine connection. The red flags mentioned are spot on. Great read!

  4. Ah, the age-old quest for true love in the digital age! Who knew that showing off your relationship online could be more important than actually having one? These fake gestures are hilarious at best and tragic at worst. Wake up, people!

  5. While the article raises some valid points, the generalization that a partner must be consistently romantic to prove their love is overly simplistic. Relationships are complex, and periodic lapses in romance don’t necessarily indicate insincerity. One should consider various dynamics before concluding a relationship is fake.

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