When You are a Dark Empath

Dark Empath

Everyone has different personality types, and they show this in their traits. There are some people that have a personality that follows that of a psychopath or a narcissist. An empath is someone that is opposite of this personality and when they are around others, they pick up these emotions.

Some research shows though that there are people that can be dark empaths. This means that they have both the dark traits and the traits of the empath. This can be hard to understand but this person can understand your emotions and then manipulate you because of it. This is a very dangerous personality.

Being a Dark Empath

A person that is a dark empath might be someone that is like an energy vampire but different. They won’t take your energy, but they will just identify with the person and use it for their advantage, but they will not have a real emotional connection.

A dark empath will make you feel bad for something you are doing or thinking, and they will cause you to go on a guilt trip. They will want to have your attention, but they won’t feel happy to be with you but just to control you.

Why Are Dark Empaths Dangerous?

A dark empath is dangerous because they can hurt people emotionally. They are not someone that is cold or hateful, but they are someone that will do more harm to you. They can hurt you because they act like they understand your pain and want to help you, but the truth is they just want to cause you to fall.

Signs of Being a Dark Empath

Here are some ways that you can tell someone is a dark empath:

  • They are neurotic and they are very extroverted.
  • They always agree with you.
  • They are self-absorbed.
  • They have a dark sense of humor which bullies and belittles others.
  • They will guilt trip you.
  • They will gaslight you.
  • They have no emotions to understand how a person feels.
  • They question your sanity when you hold them accountable.
  • They twist things to be how they want them to be.
  • They are users.
  • They take personal gain from manipulating people.
  • They do whatever satisfies their own needs.
  • They fake being sincere.
  • They manipulate you but act sincere.

Recognizing a Dark Empath

There are ways that you can recognize that you are dealing with a dark empath by how they act towards you. They are often extroverted, and they seem to agree with everything you say. They do this to distract you so that they can catch you in something and gaslight you or guilt trip you.

These types of people will keep an emotional distance from you, and they will be self-absorbed with the joy and pain of others. They do this so that they can manipulate you and get what they want.

This is a characteristic that someone is not exactly born with, but they are experienced in these actions. They have a conscious, but they don’t always care or have sympathy for others.

A person that is a dark empath will have a personality that they need to change and deal with. They have to have a professional to help them through this.

Why Are Dark Empaths Dangerous?

A dark empath is dangerous because they cause emotional damage to others. Even though they are not physically damaging, the way that they play with emotions of others is dangerous. They never will understand your feelings or thoughts and they will use whatever you give them to manipulate you.

Once you recognize this kind of person, you will see that they start out charming and then they become vindictive and will gossip about you. They will do things to bully you such as ghosting you or love-bombing. This kind of person often plays a role of a victim. If you are in this kind of relationship with someone or you are dealing with this person, the best thing you can do is to get out as fast as you can.

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  1. The term ‘dark empath’ seems somewhat contrived. Emotional manipulation isn’t a new phenomenon. We don’t need fancy labels to understand that some people are just inherently toxic.

    • While it’s true that toxic behavior has always existed, categorizing and understanding it from a psychological perspective can help in addressing and mitigating the impact it has on individuals.

  2. The delineation between an empath and a dark empath is both profound and alarming. It makes one ponder the depths of human psychology and the complexities therein. Further research could unearth invaluable insights.

  3. Oh great, just what we needed, a new breed of emotional manipulator. What’s next? A dark empath that can read minds and control our thoughts too?

  4. This article brings to light an essential and often overlooked personality type. Understanding dark empaths could potentially save many from emotional exploitation. I truly appreciate the detailed analysis.

  5. So, dark empaths are basically like emotional vampires who don’t drain your energy but instead feast on your feelings. Sounds like the plot of a cheesy horror movie, doesn’t it?

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