Signs You Have Psychic Intuition

Psychic Intuition

Being a psychic is something that is not as unfamiliar as you might think it is. There are some signs that might help you to know if you have the gift of being a psychic. Once you understand these signs and the feelings inside of you, you can embrace who you are and what you can do.

Maybe you are someone that has thought that you were a psychic even from a young age. You might see spirits, or you might hear voices. Chances are that people looked at you like you were strange or different. Some people hide these gifts because they are afraid of what others will think.

If you are someone that could wish for things and get them, this is manifesting and this is part of a psychic gift. There are so many gifts that people have that they don’t realize what they are. Here are some signs that you might be psychic:

  • You know when someone is going to call you.
  • You can feel when someone you know is in trouble.
  • People reach out to you when they need help.
  • You can tell something is going to come true that you have wanted in your life.
  • Something in your gut tells you when something is right or wrong.
  • You know that something good is about to happen for you.
  • Feelings of danger coming or a feeling that you need to be warned about something.
  • You know when a party is going to happen.
  • You can tell things in the future.

Who You Are

Don’t let the world around you tell you what or who you are. People will have different skills in life and if yours happens to be a psychic skill, don’t hide it. Learn to let this skill be seen and learn to embrace it.

You can even develop the psychic gifts that you have such as your intuition by listening to yourself and trusting yourself more.

All of the abilities that you have are there and they are there to help you to make the best of your life. When you have intuition and psychic gifts, you can use them for things in your life and to help others. You will know when your ability will come in handy.

Using Your Gifts

Use your gifts for yourself and for others. You will know when good things are coming in your life, so when this happens, know that things will be okay for you. Increase your gifts by meditating and learning to trust the feelings around you.

Your gifts can share with you things about other people. Listen to this and stay away from people that will bring you harm and go to those that are there for you.

When you are a psychic, you can see both good and bad. You will know when someone is there for you or when they are going to leave you.  Even though some things that you know will be hard, it is good that you are able to be prepared.

Listen to the warning signs and learn to know what your gifts are trying to tell you. If you have a psychic gift, you are special, embrace it, love it and use it!

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  1. The concept of psychic abilities has always been a topic of interest for many. This article provides a good introduction, but it would benefit from including more empirical evidence or studies to back up these claims. Anecdotal experiences are compelling, but validating them with research would make a stronger case.

  2. Oh sure, because predicting when a party is going to happen must be a sign of psychic powers. Maybe we should all start calling ourselves psychics every time we have a gut feeling. This article reads like a horoscope column rather than a serious discussion on psychic phenomena.

  3. Well, if knowing when a party is going to happen makes me psychic, then sign me up! Can I also get a crystal ball and a neon sign that says ‘The Great Marge – Future Teller Extraordinaire’? This article is a delightful mix of the unbelievable and the whimsical.

  4. This article is fascinating! It really delves into the nuances of psychic abilities and provides clear signs to identify them. I’ve always believed that intuition is a powerful tool, and this just reaffirms my thoughts. Kudos to the author for shedding light on this often misunderstood gift.

  5. While the idea of psychic abilities is intriguing, I find it hard to believe that these vague feelings and coincidences can be attributed to actual psychic phenomena. It would be more logical to look for scientific explanations rather than jumping to supernatural conclusions.

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