Knowing if You are Psychic

Knowing if You are Psychic

Are you ever in your room, getting ready for bed and the light flickers and then you feel that someone or something is in the room with you?  You go through the house and see that no one is there?  Does this sound familiar?  If so, the truth is that there are some people that hear things in the physical world that are part of the spiritual world.

If you have these kinds of things happen to you a lot, chances are that you are psychic or at least you have some psychic giftings. These are things that some people do not really even realize, and this can be a strange sensation that you get or a dream that you cannot get out of your mind. If you experience these things, chances are you have psychic abilities that might be strong inside of you.

Just like there are signs of the spiritual world on Earth, there are ways that people can use their abilities to be able to communicate with these people. There are some signs that you can look at to see if your psychic giftings are strong.

Seeing Things

If you have seen things or imagined things around you, chances are you are experiencing some kind of paranormal happening. This happens a lot to children, and this can be a normal thing.

Strong Dreams

People that have strong dreams are often times psychic. You might remember your dreams as if you are there and have sensitive things happen to you while you are sleeping. Chances are, you might even smell or feel things when you are dreaming. Being psychic can also mean that you experience nightmares.

If you dream these kinds of dreams, you can know that your dreams probably have strong meanings.

Old Areas

If you walk into a home or a building and you get a strong sensation like you have been there or that you “feel” something there, you might be psychic. You might be able to hold objects and know where they have been from or be able to feel the energies from them.

Seeing Eye

Some people with psychic abilities will see things in the corner of their eye. They can see things go by fast or feel that they are seeing spirits or visions.


People that are psychic often have a strong connection to animals. If you feel that you are able to communicate with animals or you feel that you are bonding with them or know what they are feeling, this can be a strong sign of you being psychic.


When someone dies it can be very hard and there can be things that you see that remind you of the loved one that has passed. Some believe that this happens though because you are psychic, and your family member is just letting you know that they are okay.

Seeing feathers or white lights can be a sign that your loved one is near.


Many believe that psychic giftings run in the family and so if you have hereditary traits such as a tied tongue or being double joined, it can mean that you have similar traits, and this can be psychic gifts as well.


If you find that your electronics never seem to work when you are around or they mess up when you walk into the room, this can mean that you attract spirits and that you have some kind of power in your existence.


Seeing a shadow can make you feel that you have seen a spirit but what happens if you hear talking or moving in your home when no one is there? This can be a sign that you are dealing with the paranormal.


If you loved the paranormal or if you loved it as a child, changes are you are psychic. Maybe you feel connected to certain places or stories, and you feel that you know more than the average person about these things.


If you feel that you have some of these signs, learn to embrace your spiritual being and allow yourself to explore your psychic giftings.

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  1. So, if my lights flicker and my cat seems unusually attentive, I must be psychic? Fascinating, because I’ve always suspected there’s more to my late-night snacking habits than meets the eye!

  2. While the article is certainly interesting, it lacks empirical evidence to substantiate its claims. Relying on anecdotal experiences isn’t enough to make definitive statements about psychic abilities.

  3. This article is intriguing and offers a fascinating insight into signs of psychic abilities! It’s always inspiring to see such a well-articulated discussion on what can often be a controversial topic.

  4. Sure, let’s all start believing we have psychic powers because our electronics are on the fritz. Next, we’ll be diagnosing car troubles with a magic eight ball. Hilarious!

  5. It’s remarkable how the article ties various phenomena to psychic abilities—this could be an enlightening read for those curious about the esoteric dimensions of human experience.

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