Numerology of the Year

Numerology of the Year

In 2022, this was considered a 6 year. It means that you will have love and balance and you will be able to get past the things that have caused you heartache. You will need to have love and peace so that you can reach this, and this is a year that you can give. Give love, give things and give your time so that your energy can flow.

Love Number

People that were born under the 6 are people that love to attract others. They have people that look up to them and they are often creative, great communicators, healers, sensitive, intuitive and they know what they need.

They are people that are kind, loving and caring and they give to others with their whole hearts. They protect those that need them and if they have children then they are well loved. They care about everything in their life, and they love and treat animals well. They hate conflict and they try to keep the peace, but they stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.

If they get hurt in their emotions, they will be afraid to love again and they have to let the power of the 6 bring them peace and comfort. If they are in spiritual darkness, they will have bad energies and will be opposite with behaviors that are destructive, mean and critical.

Tarot and Astrology

The tarot and the number 6 are represented by the Major Arcana cards. The Lover works as a love or union and the other Minor Arcana cards are:

  • 6 of Vessels: Healing and joy.
  • 6 of Staffs: Victory and success.
  • 6 of Swords: Moving forward.
  • 6 of Coins: Giving, generous.

On Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is a 6 and it is the part of the tree that means, truth, balance and peace.

In astrology, the 6 works with different planets and signs and is connected to the air element and the Gemini sign. It also works with the earth element, Mercury, Virgo and Venus.

Numerology 6

When you add up the letters of your name and you have a life path number that is the 6, you will find that you have energy of the 6. This is the day that you were born and added with your month and your year.

Life Path Numbers in 2022

Here are the life path numbers for this year:

Number 1

You will have a better year and you want new beginnings. You will have better finances and you will learn to grow and receive your gifts.

Number 2

This number means that you will be able to get through challenges and you will be rewarded for what you do.

Number 3

The 3 means that you will have happiness and you will go on adventures while you learn who you are.

Number 4

This number shows that you will reach your goals and you will do whatever it takes to have the power to reach the top.

Number 5

The number 5 will mean that you will be like an eagle and not let things hold you back. You will succeed in all you do.

Number 6

This number means that you will have love and you will grow closer to your friends and family members.

Number 7

This number shows that you will be blessed, you will grow, and you will be happy.

Number 8

This is a number that gives you power and helps you to reach your goals. You will be able to be a boss and money will come to you.

Number 9

This is a time where you will clean your house and your life and get rid of things that no longer help you.

Number 11

This number is a time of transformation and will help you to be happier. You will get things done that you haven’t accomplished yet. You will have guidance from the divine.

Number 22

You will build foundations and you will find the direction that you need. You will be able to get everything you need including power.

Number 33

You will have love and the vibrations will have a higher power. You are loving to nature, and you will have many opportunities to connect with others and get the positivity that you need.

Accept the Gifts

Let the new year bring you gifts of abundance, health and love.

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  1. I find it ironic that we’re attributing life outcomes to numbers now. What’s next, consulting a magic 8-ball for career advice?

  2. This piece offers a rather whimsical perspective on how numerology can shape our year. While it’s certainly entertaining, I’d love to see more concrete examples of how this has played out in people’s lives.

    • Indeed, Barbara. Anecdotal evidence would certainly enrich the narrative. However, the theoretical framework provided does offer a colorful lens through which we can choose to view our experiences.

  3. The notion that one’s life could be so profoundly influenced by something as arbitrary as their birth date seems ludicrous. Numerology, while interesting, lacks empirical support and sounds more like a modern-day horoscope.

  4. What an enlightening read! It’s fascinating how numerology intertwines with various aspects of spirituality and self-awareness. The detailed breakdown of each number’s significance for 2022 is quite comprehensive.

  5. How charmingly simplistic to believe that a mere number can dictate the complexities of human life and behavior. I suppose next we’ll be attributing our fortunes to the alignment of our morning coffee grounds.


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