What is a Scrying Mirror?

Scrying Mirror

A scrying mirror is a mirror that is magic. Many psychics use these in order to work their clairvoyant gifts. They can use it to reach a new plane and to be able to reach into the spiritual world.

According to history, scrying mirrors were used by different temples and schools. People that study magic are able to use the mirror so that they can do magic.

Scrying is an art of looking into something reflective and being able to let their inner psychic eye to open. They can then get visions or go into a trance that allows them to get information. The mirror is a focal point and can open up the astral plane for them. It allows psychics to reach into the spirit world and talk to spirits and to reach the Akashic records. This is like a crystal ball but is more advanced. People that want to do scrying will start with a scrying mirror.

The person using the scrying mirror will be able to look at the records and then find out knowledge. They will be able to use their visualization to get information and to talk to the spirit guides. They can look at the mirror which is like a crystal ball and develop their gifts and open their third eye.

Preparing to use a scrying mirror is important for people in this career. Using a black scrying mirror can help people reach magic traditions. They can make their own when the moon is full, and they can do this by cutting glass disks and magnetizing them. They then anoint the mirror with herbs so that it can keep energies. Some will use gold and moonstone to make the surface look great and then will do a ritual in the light where the full moon is seen. They will do this and make a circle of protection around themselves. Afterwards, the person will ad a black coating to the mirror which seals in the energy and they will put felt on the back.

Using a Scrying Mirror

Here are ways a scrying mirror can be used:

  • To talk to the spiritual world.
  • Contacting spirit guides or angels.
  • For healing.
  • To improve self.
  • To reach the past, present or future.
  • To open the astral plane.
  • For journeying in the shamanic world.
  • For rituals.
  • To open up visualization.

Keeping the Mirror Strong

It is important that the mirror is always clean. Use alcohol to do this. Don’t let anything touch the mirror except you. Don’t let others look at it or hold it unless you are doing a reading for them. Keep it in a silk bag and don’t use it for anything but magic. Use it when you are visualizing and make sure you are in a place it won’t be disturbed. Do this the most when the moon is full or new.

You can put candles on each side of the mirror, and you can choose what kind of candle you want depending on what magic you are doing. You can also burn incense when working with the mirror.

Put the mirror on an alter or a wooden table but keep a cloth under it. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably when you go to use it and when you are done, make sure you blow out any candle.

Here are some other good tips for using your scrying mirror:

  • Don’t let anything reflect in the surface of the mirror.
  • Make sure your space is sacred.
  • Make a circle of protection around you.
  • Use white light.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Decide what you are trying to make happen.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Relax and deep breathe.
  • Feel your body and get rid of stress.
  • Count to four so that you can relax.
  • Ask light to enter your area.
  • Call on the gods or goddesses.
  • Talk to your spirit guides.
  • Open your eyes and look into the mirror, you can blink but make sure you are relaxed and focused.
  • Let your inner eye open.
  • Allow your imaginations to come.
  • Breathe deeply and be still.
  • After you see something, come back to where you were.
  • Remember what you saw and felt and then write it down right away.

Seeing with a Mirror

When you are scrying, make sure that you see something clearly. You can practice this until you get it. If you aren’t sure if you are seeing anything, keep practicing. Try to start out by seeing simple shapes or colors. Once you see one, try and see another one. Do this everyday until you master it.

Charging Your Mirror

You need to make sure that your mirror is charged, and you can do this with light. Do it often when you use it. Make sure that you are sending it positive energies at all times.

Here is how to charge your mirror:

  • Imagine light is coming in your body.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Get in front of the mirror and put your opals towards each other.
  • Imagine the light moving through your hand in the form of a ball.
  • Imagine the ball of light going into the mirror.
  • Let the light cleanse the mirror and let it soak in.

You can use this light for self-healing and to make sure that your mirror is programed. This can make your mirror powerful and give it a stronger vibration. You can do this to charge other magical tools.

Using your willpower to keep your mirror charged can allow positivity to go into the mirror. This can help the magic to return to the universe.

Fluid Condenser

You can use a fluid condenser to infuse herbs. This allows the mirror to be charged. Do this when you do a ritual. Your mirror can draw in elements of energy.

The fluid can be used to recharge the mirror and to ask for symbols to come when you are using the mirror. Make sure you clean off the fluid with alcohol when not in use.

Making the Fluid

Here is how to make the fluid:

  • Get fresh or dried herbs.
  • Put them in a pot of distilled water.
  • Cover the herbs completely.
  • Boil the contents for an hour.
  • Put the liquid in a pot but get the herbs out in a strainer.
  • After it is cool, add gold tincture.
  • Add moonstone or gold chloride or gold salts.
  • Put the ingredients together and put them in a glass container.
  • Add wood or alcohol as a preservative.
  • Store in an air tight container.

Best Herbs for the Fluid Condenser

Here are the best herbs to use:

• Red poppy
• Elder flowers.
• Water Lily.
• Orris roots.
• White rose.
• Willow.
• Cucumber seeds.
• Jasmine.
• Galangal.
• Damiana.
• Tobacco.
• Nutmeg.
• Orange Peel.
• Bay Leaves.
• Cinnamon bark.
• Oak.
• Ivy.
• Mugwort.
• Patchouli.
• Wheat.
• Primrose.
• Gold.
• Blood.
• Crystal.
• Juniper.
• Thyme.
• Tansy.
• Elder.
• Coriander.
• Lavender.
• Sage.
• Cypress.
• Chamomile.
• Ivy.
• Oak leaves.
• Almonds.
• Cypress.
• Clover.
• Grape leaves.
• Rose petals.
• Vervain.
• Mandrake root.


You can use incense when you are using your scrying mirror. This can help you to open up your psychic gifts even more.

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  1. Oh, splendid! I was just thinking about how my life could use a bit more mystical flair. A scrying mirror sounds like the perfect addition to my eclectic collection of magical doodads. Next, I’ll be bottling moonlight to sprinkle on my cornflakes! 😂

    • And make sure the cornflakes are harvested under a full moon. Nothing else will do for a true connoisseur of the mystical arts!

  2. What utter nonsense! There’s no scientific basis for believing that staring into a mirror can connect you with spirit guides or other dimensions. It’s this kind of pseudoscience that muddles genuine intellectual inquiry.

  3. The notion of using a scrying mirror to access the astral plane is certainly intriguing. However, it’s essential to approach such practices with a critical mind and consider both historical contexts and contemporary understandings of parapsychology. While there’s rich tradition and culture in these practices, they merit rigorous scrutiny.

  4. For those who are genuinely interested in ancient rituals and esoteric practices, this article is a goldmine of information. It’s quite detailed and provides a comprehensive guide on how to make and use a scrying mirror effectively. Definitely worth a read for enthusiasts!

  5. The idea that a mirror can serve as a pathway to the spiritual realm is a primitive belief that belongs to a bygone era. In our age of technological advancement, it’s amusing to think people still adhere to such archaic customs. Perhaps the mirror would show reflections of logic and reason if asked nicely.


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