Do You Listen to the Universe?

Do You Listen to the Universe?

The universe is there to be with you and sometimes you will feel things and you don’t really respond what you are thinking. There are ways that you can respond to the universe and as the universe shows you signs; you need to show the universe that you appreciate these signs.

Even if you aren’t sure how these signs work, you need to be excited about them. You will never have to wait for years or even months to find out if the universe is on your side. You never have to worry that the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you because it is.

It might take a while before you understand what you are seeing or before something manifests in your life, but if you learn to realize the signs, you will be able to respond to the universe in a positive way.

What is a Universe Sign?

The universe will give you different signs. When you are trying to communicate with the universe, you will create an atmosphere where it can respond to you.

Do you want a job that you love? If so, the universe might send you a sign like:

  • You get on social media and see an article about the best career to be in.
  • You have a friend that messages you about a job that is opening up.
  • The current job that you are in changes the rules to make you feel happier at your work.

If you want to have a healthier body and you want to live a better life, the universe might send you signs such as:

  • Meeting someone that is reading a book about being healthy.
  • You look online and see a movie about someone who lost a lot of weight.
  • You get a coupon to the gym.

The problem with these signs is that not everyone is able to see that the universe is giving them a sign. Sometimes people go and go and have all of these signs, but they don’t respond to the universe. Or chances are that sometimes these people are negative, and they ignore the signs just because.

The way that you respond to what the universe is trying to tell you will help you to know more about the world around you.

Responding to the Universe

Even though there are many more signs than the ones that you read, know that energy signs are all around you. If you are positive, you can manifest your desires. Here are some ways to make that happen:

  • When you want a new job that values you, the sign can be that you see a job online that fits just what you are looking for.
  • You can respond by wishing you could work for that company, or you could tell the universe how excited you are for the new opportunity.
  • Another sign could be that a friend calls you to tell you about a new job. Instead of responding about how someone else got a job position that you wanted, know that you are getting a sign and be excited that the world is opening up for you.
  • You might get a sign from the universe that makes the job you are working at a better place for you to work at. You can respond by thinking that the company didn’t do enough for you, or you can be excited about how the job is making you happier.

Losing Weight and Being Healthy

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, some of the signs the universe might give you and your responses go hand in hand:

  • The universe shows you a show about people getting healthy. You respond negatively that you will never lose weight. Instead, let the universe know that you can use the sign and you can get healthy.
  • Maybe a friend calls you and tells you about a new gym that is opening up.
  • You respond by saying that you will never have time to work out. Instead, you need to see it as a sign and know that the universe is making it so you can work out and get healthy.
  • You see an article about someone that has lost a lot of weight. You get a coupon in the mail for the local gym. Instead of being thankful for the coupon, you think that you should get to go to the gym for free.

Meeting New Friends or a Partner

When you want to meet new friends or a partner, you have to look at the signs that the universe is trying to show you:

  • You might meet someone and talk about reading the same book.
  • The universe is giving you a sign but if you ignore it and complain about not meeting more people, you should talk to this person and see if you can talk later about the book.
  • You are changing channels and see a show about people becoming best friends.
  • You think about how sad the movie makes you instead of being happy that the universe shows you that this can happen for you.
  • You get a letter in the mail about a friends gathering.
  • Instead of being happy about the gathering, you say that you would never fit in, and you will always be alone.

Knowing the Signs

You need to pay attention to the signs and learn to understand what is going on in the world around you. Look at the signs and change your mindset. Let the universe give you a sign to show you that it is there to love and care for you.

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