Psychic Intuition and Why is it Important?


Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers came up with the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator to help people to be able to test and understand how people judge things and make choices. One of the different personalities in this test can have 16 different ways that it is portrayed. One thing is an empath, someone that is able to understand their intuition.

Other people are considered introverted, and some believe that there are only a small percentage of people that fall into the category of being introverted and empaths.

INFJ Intuition

Both kinds of intuition come from different personalities. Someone that is an extrovert can have intuition and their intuition can help them to work through things in their life.

Intuition helps people to be able to make decisions on the inside and they can find meanings of things that happen to them such as events and whatever is going on that they don’t even see or know.

People that have this personality are often able to know the future and what is going to happen. They are sometimes labeled as psychics because of this which is not real for all people. Some people are able to just make their intuition stronger by listening and learning.

To understand what it means to be an introvert and to have intuition, you have to understand how the information comes to these people. People that are introverted often focus on what is going on in their life and they are able to predict things in the future.

This can help you to discover different patterns and help you to know things that don’t always come out as true. They have to rely on their feelings such as their extrovert feelings to really know things.

People that have sensitivity of emotions and moods are empaths. They are able to change the behavior of those around them and they can learn to know what someone is feeling based on their expressions and how they are acting.

What is an Introverted Intuition

Introverted intuition helps people to see things and discern things in life. It helps them to know the true things around them without having any real information. They are able to see patterns and know what an inner object is doing.

It is important to understand the human psyche such as the ego, the unconscious, and the collective unconscious if you are going to understand the intuition.

The ego is the self, and it is Sigmund Freud who used this as part of the thoughts and feelings that people have in the conscious mind.

The ego is part of your identity, and it doesn’t have anything to do with data. This is when someone is concerned with who they are and what they do.

The unconscious mind will have things that we don’t know about because this is at a deeper level in your mental mind. This can be things we have forgotten or things we dream of. Our intuition is part of the unconscious mind as well.

The collective unconscious is the objective psyche and is the place where we mold our thoughts and experiences, based on Carl Jung.

The Ni types are more about the psyche and can help you to make predictions and can help you to know when something is going to happen that you didn’t know about.

Why Is Being an Introverted Intuitive Good?

These people are comfortable without having big conversations and they listen well. They are able to have insight in what is real because they listen before they speak.

Introverted intuitive are able to look at different ideas and see a bigger picture before they talk, and they are able to know patterns and to solve problems.

Developing the Intuition

You can stop making mistakes in how you live your life and reduce stress and have better relationships. You can be creative and learn your purpose in life.


People that are Ni types do not worry about their ego. They have more value in who people are and they want to know the needs and help others that need help.

Keeping Your INFJ Strong

Learn to listen and be silent. Take time to pay attention to the small things and don’t let the chaos of the world hold you back. Listen to your inner voice and enjoy being alone.

Connecting with the Mind and Soul

The feelings and thoughts that we have affect our mind and our bodies. You need to keep your emotions and your body strong so that your mind can be strong.

There are ways that you can connect with your mind and body such as meditation, exercising, art therapy and yoga. There are different things that you can choose, and you need to find the right method for your life.


One of the best things that you can do is to ground yourself. If you are an empath, you pick up emotions like a sponge. These energies can leave you feeling sad or upset or even tired.

When you detach yourself and you let yourself be grounded, then you can become stronger. There are ways that you can ground yourself such as going out in nature, taking a salt bath, eating healthy or exercising. There are other ways such as using stones or crystals.


Introverted intuitive are people that have many great treats. They can become overwhelmed and tired or frustrated, but they can also help others. These people that can embrace their intuition can learn to overcome things that are hard in their life.

It is important to know this gift and to see how important it is. This gift can help people to be able to find their life purpose and to reach their goals and dreams.

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  1. Oh great, another article encouraging people to ground themselves with crystals and salt baths. It’s always fascinating how modern pseudoscience finds its way into otherwise reasonable discussions on psychology.

  2. Fascinating read! The exploration of introverted intuition provides a great insight into the complexity of the human psyche. It’s enlightening to see how various types of intuition contribute to decision-making and overall well-being.

  3. While the article makes some points about introverted intuition, it lacks empirical evidence to support many of its claims. The notion that people can predict the future based on their personality type is rather far-fetched.

  4. For those who are interested, Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious has been a significant influence in the field of psychology. It’s intriguing to see how it is applied to understanding personality types in this article.

  5. I find it quite amusing that we are now suggesting personality tests can make someone a psychic! Next, they’ll say my Myers-Briggs type can predict the stock market. Maybe I should start charging for my ‘intuitive insights.’

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