Signs You Met Your Soulmate


Have you ever met someone that you have such a strong connection with that you feel like you have known them forever? If this has ever happened to you, this could be someone from your past life.

Recognizing Souls

It is thought that souls can recognize each other. This is why people often meet their soulmates and have such a deep connection with them. A soulmate can be someone that you have had a past life with. Even if this confuses you, people believe that a soulmate can come back to live their life with you again or to meet you again.

This can be a friend, family or partner. If you feel a strong connection with this person, you might have been looking for them all along.

Signs of Your Soulmate

There are some ways that you can tell if your soulmate is from your past life. Here are some ways to know:

There are No Coincidence

When you meet someone and you have a strong connection, remember that there are no coincidences. Things happen for a purpose, and you may have had this connection because they are coming back into your life.


Meeting your soulmate might not be like love at first sight and you might not feel sexually attracted to them but having a heart connection is no different. Maybe you love them right away because they are easy to talk to and because they are accepting of you.

Second Chances

You might have a second chance to be with this person again. They will not judge you and they will accept you no matter where you are in your life. Don’t take this as something strange but just take it as something that is good and honest with y9ou.

If you are comfortable with them, this can be because you already know them.


Some people wait their whole life to meet their soulmate. If you have been waiting for them and they show up, they will meet your emotional needs. You will want this to last and spend your whole life with them.


A soulmate can make you feel at peace and make you feel loved. They will not pressure you and when you are with them there will be no stress but just peace and joy. Remember that this person will accept you no matter what you do.

Strong Emotions

A soulmate will bring you peace, but they will also bring with them strong emotions. They will make you feel things that you have never felt before. This will be someone you totally trust, and this is not some kind of fantasy but a reunion.

Even if this seems wild, it is possible to meet someone that makes you feel this way. Trust your feelings.

Coming Together

A soulmate is a person that has left your soul and if they come back, they are just coming back together with you. Have you experienced the same kinds of situations? This happens because your soulmate is there to connect with you, and you will understand them more since you have the same things you have been through.

Staying Connected

Did you meet someone that understands you? Maybe you think this is something hard. When you have a deep connection with someone, they will be close to you. They will pull you towards them and the spiritual connection will be a strong connection.

Safety in Them

You will feel safe with this person, and you will feel happy that you have met with your past life soulmate. Even if this feels crazy, don’t worry about that just embrace the feelings that you have and the love you are feeling.

The Universe Wants This

The universe will send your soulmate when the time is right. Let the zodiac compatibility guide you and let the stars lead you. Chances are you and your past life soulmate will have the perfect match and if you put love first, you will win.

Loss of Words

You will never have to have words with this person. You might have a physical attraction, or you might just be attracted to what they show you. This attraction will be with a stranger, but they are not a stranger to you because they are from your past.

You have already met this person and that is why you are so attracted to them.


Each emotion that you have is hard to express sometimes. When you are with your soulmate, you can be vulnerable, and you will tell them all of your secrets. They will keep your secrets forever and will never tell anyone else about what you tell them.


You will feel that you are whole and that you are not alone. This person will never make you feel that you are left behind. They will understand you and you will not be misunderstood by them. Even if they don’t talk, you can talk to them telepathically and know what they are thinking.

This Moment

This is the moment that you have waited your whole life for. Some people walk around waiting to meet their soulmate and if you just get them and they get you, this is probably what you have been waiting for.

The New You

Meeting your soulmate can mean that you are going to be the new you. This means that things will seem normal, and you will be able to connect with this person like never before. You will not even have to change to be happy with them and they will not change to be happy with you.

Number of Soulmates

You can have multiple soulmates and they can come in the form of friends, family members and lovers. Everyone has a past life soulmate but not everyone meets them. Everyone will have a different experience with this and not everyone will meet their soulmate.

What Can You Do?

Don’t be afraid to find your soulmate. Be who you are and don’t think that you have to change to meet your soulmate. A past life soulmate isn’t the only kind of soulmate that you can meet over your lifetime. You might meet your twin flame or be in a karmic relationship. All of these people will connect with you at a different level.

This can be someone that is romantic with you or someone that ends up being your best friend. Allow the closeness no matter what kind of relationship it is. Let your spirit guides guide you and the way that you live your life will help you to get the relationship you are hoping for.

Do Soulmates Have Broken Relationships?

Yes. Soulmates can breakup and can never get back together again. Some soulmate relationships are hard, and they bring a lot of pain. Even if you and your soulmate breakup with each other, know that there is more to life than this and that you will get love again someday.

But, if you love your soulmate and you are having problems, try and work through them and do your best to make your relationship work.

Final Thoughts

Finding your past life soulmate can be exciting. They have likely traveled far to find you and they might end up being your forever person. Your souls are connected and no matter what, the universe will never separate this.

Once you see the signs of finding your soulmate, look and see what has happened and who you have met in your life that might have been a soulmate.

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  1. Ah yes, because clearly the universe has nothing better to do than play matchmaker for lonely souls. I’ll just sit here and wait for my past life soulmate to magically appear then, shall I?

  2. What an enlightening read! It’s fascinating to think that our souls can reconnect across lifetimes. This article beautifully explores the depth of human connections from a spiritual perspective.

  3. Oh great, another fantastical guide to finding Prince Charming based on astrological whims and ‘soul connections.’ What’s next? A DIY kit for contacting your extraterrestrial twin flame?

  4. This seems profoundly romantic, yet utterly nonsensical. The idea of souls recognizing each other from past lives is poetic but lacks scientific basis. It’s lovely for a fairy tale, but where’s the evidence?

  5. While the concept of soulmates from past lives is intriguing, it would benefit from a more empirical approach. How do we differentiate between deep psychological compatibility and ‘past life’ connections?

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