Understanding Charts and Astrology

Charts and Astrology

Astrology is an art that is part of science. It takes information from thousands of years ago and looks at the writings so that the stars, planets, and other things can be understood. It is complex and it has been used by Western astrologers to figure out positions of stars and other things.

Astrologers created the natal chart and horoscope that was based on the time, place, and date that you were born. These charts can be created on a computer now, but in the past, they were not, and they were more accurate.

Astrologers can look at your natal chart and figure out more about your life. They can give you basic insight into what your personality is and figure out what challenges you are going to face. They can also look at your chart and compare it with your partner, your family, a friend and more.

They can look at the different career choices that you have in front of you and help you to see what is going to go on in your finances, where you should live, what kind of opportunities you will have in the future, when you should get married or start a business and how you will grow in your spiritual being.

Most people that work in astrology have a general practice and they are able to put all these things together to help you understand your life more. You can use astrology to help you understand when you face problems and what choices that you make so that you can fix the problems that you are facing. You can also talk to an astrologer and see if you should make changes now or in the future, when you should take certain risks and what plans you should make. Once you understand these things, you can change your life and be who you want to be.

Understanding Astrological Charts

Astrology is an accurate practice because it takes your birth date and calculates the Rising Sign, the celestial positions to the minute of your birth. The calculation can then decide which house cusp you were born in, and this will explain where the planets were when you were born.

If you don’t know when you were born, the interpretation on your chart might not be right and this will not be able to determine things about your personality, career, and other things because it will be inaccurate.

Before you talk to an astrologer to get a chart report, look at your birth certificate to see exactly when you were born. If you don’t have access to this, or if your time is not on your birth certificate, get your chart fixed.

Even though you would think that your birth certificate is accurate, sometimes the time is completely off. You might be born at one time and then instead of putting the exact minute, they might round up. For example, you could have been born at 3:43 and they put 3:45. This can completely throw off your natal chart. Even though the date and the place will be correct, not having the right time can be a problem.

Some birth certificates don’t even have a place for the time, and some aren’t even written on them because the baby was born at home and the certificate wasn’t necessary. Even in the United States, some birth certificates are off because of war, Daylight Savings Time, and other problems.

If you aren’t able to have an exact time of birth, your astrological chart will not be accurate. That means the interpretation might be off. The Natal chart is about your life and if you were able to know the exact time of your birth and take a picture of the planetary view, you would see where everything was exactly at this time. This is what the universe tells you that you are. Studying astrology has to do with learning to be able to read the signs with the times.

The Natal chart is the time, year, day, and month that you were born and the city and state that you were born in. The Natal chart can then determine things about your life and your personality and who you are. You will have a Moon, Rising and Sun sign that helps you to understand your personality more.


The Ascendent is also the Rising Sign. This starts at the first house. Even though horoscopes are from your Sun Sign, most astrologers will think that the Ascendent sign is what shows your personality.


This is the point where the sun is found at midday. The sign that you have when you were born can show what you are passionate about, what career you should choose and what kind of attitude you have. This can also represent your ego and how you act externally.

Chart Wheel

This is the wheel that surrounds you when you are born. The wheel has 12 houses, and the planets are put in the Chart Wheel in the houses to figure out what the sky looked like when you were born.

With the Chart Wheel, the planets are part of the Zodiac positions including:

• Aries.
• Pisces.
• Aquarius.
• Cancer.
• Leo.
• Virgo.
• Gemini.
• Taurus.
• Libra.
• Sagittarius.
• Capricorn.
• Scorpio.

These are the 12 zodiac signs and each one works with the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth. This is a 360-degree circle that goes around the sky and is made into 30-degree sections with there being 12 sections. The planet positions are measured in each degree by the minute that you were born.

The 12 different sections are called houses and they are numbered from 1 to 12 in a pike called house cusps. The earth makes a round in 24 hours and the Chart Wheel shows the area where you were born. As the earth turns and goes to the different zodiacs, it will hit each wheel once in 24 hours and a new zodiac every 4 minutes.

Understanding Modern Astrology

Astrology has changed over time, and it has evolved and grown. It is not just based on your charts because of the progression of it but as the planet moves and travels, a new person is born. The progression shows how people will change over time.

Some believe that there will not be the same placement as the time of your birth for 25,000 years after you were born and that is why no two people are the same.

What does Retrograde Mean?

Retrograde is when the planet is moving backward. It really isn’t though; it just looks like it because of the orbits of the planets.

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  1. Oh great, now I have to hunt down my exact birth time because apparently, a few minutes will decide if I become a millionaire or not. Marvelous!

  2. While the historical background is enlightening, calling astrology a science is a stretch. The reliance on exact birth times calls its validity into question.

  3. It’s fascinating how astrology tries to marry scientific precision with ancient traditions. The detailed explanation of the natal chart is particularly intriguing.

  4. So, let me get this straight: a two-minute difference on my birth certificate can completely alter my destiny? Sounds like astrology needs a bit more scientific rigor.

  5. The article does a great job of explaining complex concepts in a simplified manner. Understanding the natal chart and its components is crucial for anyone delving into astrology.


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