Using Dreams for Guidance


There are some people that will have visions or dreams, and this can be exciting but when you don’t know how to control it or that this is an innate ability, it can be scary at times. Dreams can be a strange thing, but they are also a great thing to help you understand the world around you.

Dreams can show you different things about your life and they can give you a different point of view. Most dreams are full of images and symbols that you need to look at. The dreams that you have can be things that are happening in your life each day that are bothering or upsetting you. Sometimes your dreams can guide you down the right path and help you to find a solution to your problems.

You can even learn to control your dreams in a sense and if you are a prophetic dreamer, this can help you. Another thing that you need to understand is dream recall. This is important if you want to be able to interpret dreams. The best way to make this happen is to make sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep and that you have a sleep pattern.

There are two phases of sleep that are primary in your life, one is Non-Rapid Eye Movement or NREM and the other is Rapid Eye Movement or REM. During NREM, you will have a slower brain cycle. The brain activity will be slower, and this means that you probably won’t dream much.

During NREM, most of the time people fall asleep right when they lay down and they will lose their conscious awareness which will cause them to not remember or maybe not even have dreams. This happens when people take naps, too.  This is a great way to boost your energy but not a great way to have dreams.

REM sleep happens and when it does, this is the place that you will have the most memorable dreams. This is a time where your body goes through a sense of paralysis that only lasts for a while. This happens so that you can protect yourself if you dream and not hurt yourself.

The body will move through a sleep cycle, and this usually happens in about two hours. If you are someone that sleeps at least eight hours a day, you can dream about four different times. Some of them you will remember.

Most people dream but not everyone remembers them or even knows that they dream. Most of the time when someone wakes up, they have already forgotten the details of their dreams. You can start making this work better for you though if you want to remember your dreams by keeping a dream journal beside your bed that you can write down what you dreamed about if you wake up in the middle of the night or when you get up before getting out of bed.

  • Dream Journaling

It is important that if you want to understand your dreams that you keep a dream journal close to yourself. You can keep it by your bed and whenever you wake up, make notes in your dream journal. Make sure that you are being very detailed. You can even draw images if you want to.

Sometimes you might have to write things that you don’t understand but write them anyways. This doesn’t mean that they have no meaning, you can see that the things that you write will eventually make sense even if it takes time. This journal can help you to create poems and other things out of your dreams.

  • Set Your Mind

Before you go to sleep, check your mind, and tell yourself, “I am going to dream tonight.” Say this as you fall asleep and while you are in your NREM, your body will prepare you for dreaming.

  • Ask Your Guides

You can start talking to your guides as you get ready to bed and when you start drifting off, call on them and ask them to give you messages while you sleep. This is a way that you can dream, and you can get information in your conscious mind. When this happens, you won’t doubt it because you will be asleep but the emotions that you have can be strong and it is important for you to note this in your journal. Also, dreaming is a way that you can connect with your guides easier if you don’t feel like you can communicate well.

  • Set a Time to Wake Up

Set a time in the middle of the night and set your alarm clock to wake you up. You need to try and wake up when you reach REM sleep so that you are in a dream state. Try a time at like 3 or 4 am.

Once you wake up, try, and remember the different images and symbols that were in your dream. Set the clock then for about 20 minutes before your normal wake up time and see if you wake up during a dream.

  • Think On Your Dreams

Instead of getting up fast in the morning, keep your eyes closed and reflect on what you dreamed. Think of the emotions that you had and the things that you felt, smelled, remembered, and noted in your dream. Say your dream again before you get up.

  • Write It

Write your dream down. This is part of your journaling journey. You can do this while you are still in your bed or while you are drinking your morning coffee or tea. Make sure that you write as many details as possible that you can. If you go to the bathroom before you begin to write, you might forget what you were dreaming.

  • Dreaming is Amazing

Dreaming is something that is amazing. Even people like Thomas Edison dreamed before inventing things. He dreamed about the phonograph and the electric lightbulb and then invented these things that we use even today.

Conscious dreaming can help you to understand your life and your emotions and when you use dreaming to your advantage, you can create a plan for living a good life.

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