Using Numerology to Understand Your Life

Using Numerology to Understand Your Life

If you want to know about your life and how your life works with other things around it, using numerology can help you along with other things such as tarot cards and astrology. Many people understand the main principals of numerology, but did you know that there are ways that you can use numerology every single day to help you in life?

Repetitive Numbers

When you are always seeing repetitive numbers especially over a period of your life, this number can mean something special for you. Numerology can work with a single, double, or even triple numbers. When you see repeating numbers that are a single digit, you can add them together to know more about the vibration that they give. Remember that numbers such as 123456 can indicate something that is going to happen to you in your life.

If you see a single number repeating itself such as 3333, you need to look at the number and see what it represents. This can be energy that is acting out towards you such as a foundation or it can be leadership qualities that you are getting. You can look at the number and see what they mean. You may even see these numbers when you are dreaming or getting a reading. These can be Angel Numbers and when you add them together or when you know what they mean, they can mean something important in your spiritual journey. Some believe that Angel numbers mean your angels care close to you.

Angel Numbers

People can see Angel Numbers that repeat, and this can be a sign that the universe is trying to get your attention. It can mean that you are on the correct path or that you are on your soul journey. People that see these numbers are often able to see situations that they were not able to see, and they can work through them. If you see a number that repeats to you often or if you have a birthdate that is important to you, this can be a number that relates to your life in many ways.

Some people will ask the universe for signs and then they forget to look at numbers. If you are going through something that is hard right now and you see numbers repeating or numbers seem to stand out to you, know that numbers are valued in the spirit world and that the universe uses the vibration of numbers to make them represent something.

Music and other things that are measurable have their own number associated with them. In numerology this means that everything from the temperature of your body to the age that you can have something specific about your life.

Personal Numbers

There are other numbers that will play a big role in your life. The Life Path Number is like the astrological sun sign, and it shows the personality that you have in this life. This is a number that is based on your birthday when you add the month, day and the year together and then add them together to be a single digit.

Your Life Path number will tell the minor traits that you have such as being a leader or other traits that you will see later in your life. There are different ways that you can look online to calculate your Life Path number and it is by your own choice how you come up with this number.

There are things that can help you to know the numerical values of letters. You can use your name or the names of people or places to find out certain numbers that can help you to determine certain events in your life.

There are two ways that you can determine numerology names such as the Chaldean method or the Pythagorean method. You can use the number calculation that your intuition guides you to. This can align with your birth date, the names of your spouse, children, or other things to know the qualities that you or someone else might have.

Event Planning and Numerology

Some people will use numerology to schedule important events. People will choose dates that match their Life Path numbers so that the event is guaranteed to be good. Some will want to choose a date that has their life path number for the best outcome of the event. You can also guess what is going to happen in your year by finding your Life Path Number. You might need to use this if you want to set new goals for your year.

When you understand how numbers work, it can help you to determine what will make your life easier. You can use two numbers and divide them by each other and then take the square root. This can help you to know each year that is good for you. If you find that there is a conflict for that year, then you will know that there are difficult decisions ahead for you.

Number and Meanings

Once you understand the basics of numerology then you can know what the numbers mean to you. You can take events and numbers around you and find out what they mean to you in a spiritual way.  Here are some numbers and what they mean:

  • One: This number can mean you are a leader, or you do your own things.
  • Two: This means you will work in a team or with a partner.
  • Three: This is a communicative number and can mean luck.
  • Four: This means being secure and having a strong foundation.
  • Five: This number can mean you will see changes in your life.
  • Six: This deals with families and relationships.
  • Seven: This means you have a higher calling.
  • Eight: This deals with money and finances.
  • Nine: This means things are becoming complete.


Always listen to your intuition and your guides as to what you should do with the numbers that you see in your life. Let your intuition guide you and interpret your numbers for you.

Spiritual practice is something that you are free to try out and you should do what you can to get insight in different areas in your life. Find tools that work for you and use them to determine what your year holds and what personalities yourself or others have.

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