What to do If You Are an Intuitive Empath

Intuitive Empath

Do people often tell you that you are too sensitive, and you need to stop being so ridiculous? Do they tell you that you need to be tougher and stop being so sensitive?

You might be someone that knows that someone is going to say this to you but maybe you are also someone that knows what is going to happen before it happens or before anyone tells you anything.

If you are able to know things before, they happen, chances are that you might be an empath. You may even be an intuitive empath.

Someone that is an intuitive empath is someone that is able to be an empath, but you are able to use your gut feeling in order to know things.

People often think that an intuitive empath is an amazing gift, but they don’t always realize the problems that come with this gifting.

Science Behind Empaths

There is no real science that says that being an empath exists. Some believe that someone that is an intuitive empath is someone that is a person that has sympathy. Studies often show that sympathy and empathy work together.

There are many similarities between someone that is compassionate and someone that is showing empathy. Both of these kinds of emotions care about what is happening to other people.

An intuitive empathy might be considered sensitive or emotional but even though there is no science behind it, there is evidence that these strong emotions exist in some people.

Kinds of Empaths

There are many different kinds of empaths, and the thing is that you can have more than one gifting with empath being one of them.

There are really three different types of empaths and then they can be broken down even further:

  • Physical empaths.
  • Emotional empaths.
  • Intuitive empaths.

Physical Empaths

A person that is a physical empath is able to feel the emotions and even other feelings of other people. If someone is sick, a physical empath might pick up this sickness on their own body.

Intuitive Empath

Someone that is an intuitive empath will be able to know what is going to happen, but they are still able to pick up the feelings of others.

Empaths are people that are able to do things different than others such as:

  • They can know things without being told.
  • They are able to speak telepathically to others.
  • They have dreams that give them messages.
  • They are able to talk to animals.
  • They can talk to plants.
  • They are able to use the feelings of their bodies to know what is going to happen.

Some intuitive empaths are very sensitive, and they use this to help to guide themselves. You must realize that even though there is no scientific evidence to measure an empath and their feelings, there are still certain characteristics that describe an empath.

Intuitive Empath Traits

People often think that an intuitive empath will fall into categories that others do not, but the truth is, there is no scientific way to show the support behind this.

Even though there is a lack in research, many of the empaths will experience the same experiences and traits that have been noted in many evidence.

Strongly Intuitive Empaths

An intuitive empath is someone that is able to use their gut feeling or their intuition to guide them and to tell them things. On top of this, they are very sensitive to the emotions that other people have.

If someone is suffering or in pain, they might be the ones that will go out and try to help them. They also will suffer often because they become overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of others.

Claircognizance and the Empath

There is still no evidence on the clair giftings but people that are claircognizant are those that are able to use their minds to talk to others or they are called telepathic.

These people seem to know things without being told and they know when someone is lying.

Emotional Empath

A person that is an emotional intuitive empath is one that gets tired fast because they are always picking up the emotions of those around them. They have to be careful who they expose their time with and who they hang around with.

Once again, there is no real scientific empath to make a case for an intuitive empath but there are many that will support this gifting.

Animal and Plant Empaths

A person that is an animal and plant empath are able to have a connection to both plants and animals. They are able to talk to them and love them. These people are often considered to be loving and compassionate.

People that talk to plants and are connected to the environment are often able to work well in agricultural careers.

Bad Side of Being an Empath

Even though being an intuitive empath is a great and amazing gifting, many people feel that this giftings is more of a curse. There are many problems that can come with being an empath and it can be challenging because an empath is not able to fight off the negativity that will come to them.

There are ways that an empath can learn to manage the way that they accept energy and one thing that is great is that their inner feelings can help them to avoid those that will cause them unnecessary stress.

An intuitive empath can learn to not always be absorbing everything around them.

Are You an Empath?

There are different tests online that you can take to see if you are an empath or not. If you answer yest to the questions, chances are that you will identify as this, and it can be on a different scale depending on who you are.

Overly Sensitive

Many people that are empaths will be labeled as an empath. There is nothing wrong with these people, they just care a lot and pick up the emotions of others.

Fitting In

Some people that are empaths have a hard time fitting in with the rest of the world. This is because of their strong love and emotions for others.


Being in a big crowd can easily drain an empath because of all of the emotions that they will pick up when they are around different people.

Noises and Smells

Some empaths have a hard time being around strong noises and smells. This can overwhelm them.

Going Out

If you are an empath, you need to make sure that you are ready to leave places that you visit such as taking your own car and leaving when you begin to get overwhelmed.


Picking up the energies of others can make you tired and overwhelmed. If you feel this way, you need to take time to be alone and have some down time.

Make sure that you plan ahead when something social is happening so that you don’t always have to isolate yourself. You can find ways to have some down time in the midst of your social time.

Knowing the Empath

When you are an empath, you will automatically know that someone is lying. This is part of your gifting.

People Being Afraid

You might experience people that are afraid of your gifting. People will judge you because of your knowledge about others and this can scare some people away.


Being an empath means that you are always dealing with the emotions and feelings of everyone around you. You will absorb these feelings and so you need to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself.

Empaths need to learn to take care of themselves and they need to make sure that they are grounding themselves and they are learning skills to be stronger.

Self-care is important in the life of an empath. Once you realize that you are an empath, you can learn to thrive and make sure that you are not being extremely overwhelmed.

Here are some ways for some self-care:

Break Time

Make sure that you are taking breaks throughout the day. When you are tired, rest and sleep in.

Spending Time with Others

An empath needs to make sure that they are careful who they spend time with. Make sure that you are not around people that are always negative and stealing your good energies.


Empaths need to shield themselves and make sure that they have boundaries. Imagine a shield that is around you are keeping you from letting negative energies into your bubble.

Never avoid your emotions but learn to cope with them. Pay attention to who you are around and if you are picking up their emotions or if you are having your own emotions. Make sure not to shut yourself out emotionally.


Some empaths will use crystals so that they can get over the stress of life. There are many crystals that can help even though they are not scientific proven.


Meditation is one way that you can ground yourself and you can increase your energy. Take short meditation breaks and long ones. Whenever you feel that your emotions are taking over you, you need to take time to meditate and calm down in your life.

Meditation can build up your mind, body and spirit and it can enhance your breathing and your relaxation.


Even though there is no scientific evidence that empaths exist, there are many in the world that have the similar or even the same traits. You need to learn to manage this gifting and that way you can be strong to help others and yourself.

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  1. Really? People can talk to plants and animals? Next thing you know, they’ll claim they’re communicating with aliens through their dreams. This is just too far-fetched to take seriously.

  2. The differentiation between various types of empaths is intriguing. While scientific validation is lacking, the emotional and psychological phenomena described are worth further exploration. Perhaps future research will shed more light on these experiences.

  3. It’s surprising how the article tries to present a balanced view but fails to address the lack of scientific evidence comprehensively. There are traits here that could be explained through psychology rather than mystical abilities.

    • I agree, Virginia. The article mixes facts with unproven claims. A more scientific approach would make it more credible.

    • But isn’t it fascinating that so many people’s personal experiences align with these descriptions? Science might just need to catch up with what people have been experiencing for ages.

  4. As an intuitive empath myself, I found the article insightful and comforting. It accurately described many of my experiences and struggles. It’s nice to know I’m not alone and that these traits are recognized and discussed.

  5. This article is preposterous. There’s no scientific evidence to back up the existence of empaths, particularly intuitive ones. It’s all just pseudoscience and emotional sensationalism. People should stop spreading such unverified information.

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