What to Do When You’re Sad

You’re Sad

No one wants to be unhappy, and no one likes when you feel sad.  Even though feeling sad is a bad feeling, it is okay for us to be sad sometimes.  Even though sadness can be painful, it is hardest when it is because of a lost loved one or if a relationship ends.  These big changes in life can bring on sadness.  Sadness brings on growth.

Sadness can have negative side effects such as trouble sleeping, stroke, heart attack and other health issues.  Being depressed and being sad are not the same thing but they can act the same to our bodies.  Ignoring long periods of sadness is not a good idea.

If you feel sad a lot lately, you have to understand that most people are not happy all of the time. Your body goes through different feelings when you are sad, and you have to learn to cope with your sadness.  You have to find a way to get happy after bouts of sadness but if this lasts for weeks, you have to get help,

Here are some things that happen to your body when you are sad:

Heart Pain

You can truly die from a broken heart.  If you are grieving, then you can be at a higher risk of a heart problem or “broken heart” syndrome.  Grief can come as stress, and it can cause you to weaken your immune system and cause your nervous system not to work right.

When your body response is triggered, it causes stress hormones to come out and can cause you to have high blood pressure.  Even when you have these feelings, your heart could stop pumping blood as strong as it should and it can cause you to have chest pain, shortness of breath and lead to heart failure.  You can die from sadness, but this is unlikely.


Sadness can also cause positive things.  According to a study, people that are sad are better at recognizing facial expressions than people that are happy.  Being sad makes you think deeper and lets you recognize faces and other things.

Sadness can also help people to remember things more clearly.  Being happy feels better than being sad but it also causes you to focus less and to not be able to remember as much information.  If you are sad, you will have more memories and pay more attention to others.


When you go through sadness like a breakup, it can cause your appetite to mess up.  Some believe that the high stress will cause your stomach to feel full and will cause your appetite and your immune system to change.  When your body is sad, it causes your body to want to repair itself and that means it will change appetites until you are back to normal.

When you are sad, you have to take extra care of yourself and make sure that you are able to get over it.  If someone sees that you are sad, talk to them and let them help you to move on and to find happiness.

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