Aura Energies of Past Love

Aura of Past Love

If you have been with past lovers, chances are they are harming you now, in your present life and you have to take steps to block out the energies of these past lovers.

Energies and auras are words that your sex education class did not teach you and even though it seems like something that should not be talked about, it is real.  The energy that you get from your past lovers can take away the happiness that you have now and can block the success that you want to achieve.

Here are some things you should ask yourself to know if you are up against a block in your aura:

  • What are you thinking about these people of your past?
  • Did they leave you resenting who you are?
  • Were you sad the time you were with them?
  • Did they make you angry?
  • Did they have sex with other people that you did not agree with?
  • Did they try to grow and become better?

The list could continue but the idea is that the energies that were left behind can stay stagnant in your soul and can cause you to shift how strong and how powerful your aura is.  It can make you feel unloved, tired, and even physically sick.

There are of course, people that have left positive energies in your soul and may have helped your aura to heal and to be brighter but when separation happened, it could have caused you to feel negative feelings that you did not feel before.

If you are not sure how you feel about this, remember that the energy that you absorb can really affect you and cause you to feel nervous or have bad moods.  When you magnify this with connected energy, it shows that you will have absorbed much of this energy into your aura.

There are ways that you can remove this negative energy and these emotions that are hard to face.  It will take work but once you are cleansed, you will see that you are happier and lighter and more aware of what is inside of you.

Here are ways you can do this:

  • Get a journal.
  • Get an orange candle and burn it.
  • Write down the names of your past partners.
  • Start with the first partner and move down the list.

Answer these questions for each person:

  • “Why did they attract me?”
  • “What emotions did they make me have?”
  • “What emotions did I have when the relationship ended?”
  • “What did I learn from them?”

Next Step

Take a few weeks to do this and give yourself a month or two to complete it.  You might want to try to work on one person each day or several people each day, whatever you feel like you can handle.  Do not rush this but be completely focused.

  • On a piece of paper write down the first partner.
  • Burn their name with the orange candle.
  • Pay attention to the smoke flowing.
  • Lay down and put your hands on your belly.
  • Imagine the smoke burning out to your body.
  • Tell yourself that you release their energy.
  • Imagine the smoke coming under your hand.
  • Lay for around 7 minutes.
  • If you have thoughts or visions write them down.
  • Do this for all of your past lovers.

If you are with someone now and doing this together, talk about each of your partners with them and have a conversation and be unified in your relationship.  This can be hard because no one wants to hear about their partners past lovers, but this can help you to understand your partner more.

Learn to take the pain away from each other and learn to make a defense for you and your partner so that you can heal on an intimate level. Let emotional and spiritual healing take place inside of you and your new partner.

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