When You Aren’t Using Your Soul Gifts

Soul Gifts

Everyone is born with a soul gift, and you have gifts that help to support you in your physical body and in your mental and spiritual journey. Some people know that they have these gifts, but they have not yet discovered them.

When people are constantly busy with work, social settings, social media, electronics and more, we are not always aware of the people around us and what they need, and we also forget what we need inside of ourselves. Many people do not even realize why they exist.

Creative People

There are people that have giftings of being a great builder or a creator of things and they have strong creative powers, but they only use these powers to create their world but then they forget that they have a gift and withdraw from things of the world.

Dreams and Nightmares

Some others have soul gifts and they do not even realize they have these gifts and because of it, they have a hard time sleeping, have bad dreams or nightmares and even dreams that reveal things to them such as disasters or harsh things in the future. These happen because the person is not doing what they are supposed to be doing with these dreams or embracing their giftings.

Time Travelers

There are others yet that have even experienced time loops or time travel, briefly, and this could be a big sign that your soul is trying to tell you something that you need or to show you what you need to do. There are times when they experience astral projection or vibrations in their body and wonder if they were just dreaming.

Emotional Energies

Some people will have strong emotions and energies that change their lives, and it can cause them to have strong emotions of anger, sadness, happiness, and all of the above. Maybe they have gotten so angry that they see the lights flicker, just like in the movies but they do not even realize that this is a gift inside of them.

There are people that cannot even wear watches due to the fact that when they are overly emotional, the watch will break and stop working. There are many that find they cannot sleep in the early hours in the morning such as 2 am, 3 am or even 4 or 5 am and this is because the higher spirits are communicating with them at this time.

Spiritual Awakening

When a person is going through a spiritual awakening, this can be different for each person and there are many examples of how this affects people differently. When you start experiencing strange things happening to you, the best thing to do is to sit down and search your soul and see if you are pursuing your giftings and the purpose that you have in your life.

Knowing Your Purpose and Gifts

Knowing that you have a purpose and knowing that you have gifts is one step closer to being able to reach your higher self.

Do not give up on what you are searching for and take time to reflect on things that have happened to you that seem strange or out of the normal and see if this can be pointing to your spiritual gift.

Learn to embrace who you are and who you want to be. Do self-reflection and take time do so some strong and unyielding soul-searching and you will find what you are looking for and your true and meaningful purpose for this life.

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  1. Oh, sure, my emotional energies must be why my Wi-Fi always crashes! On a serious note, grounding spiritual insights in reality might make them more practical and less, well, supernatural.

  2. This narrative is certainly poetic, though it borders on the fantastical. Are we really suggesting that a person’s mood can stop a watch or that we experience astral projection? It reads more like a spiritual fantasy novel than a grounded discussion.

  3. While I appreciate the sentiment of this article, it lacks empirical evidence. The claims about emotional energies affecting physical objects and time travel are quite far-fetched. Spiritual awakening is a personal experience and broad generalizations might not apply to everyone.

    • Indeed, Bonnie. I also struggle with the idea that dreams can predict future disasters. Emphasizing critical thinking alongside spiritual search is crucial.

    • Interesting points, Bonnie and Margaret. However, one cannot deny that unexplored phenomena exist. Sometimes experience goes beyond the realm of science, don’t you think?

  4. This article resonates deeply with me. The concept of soul gifts is beautifully articulated. We often neglect our spiritual and emotional needs in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This reflection is a gentle reminder to look within and honor our true selves.

  5. What a whimsical perspective on human existence! I suppose if I wake up at 3 AM tonight, I’ll consider chatting with higher spirits instead of blaming the coffee I had late in the afternoon. A delightful read, even if taken with a grain of salt!

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