3 Steps to Finding a Relevant Relationship

Finding a Relevant Relationship

The most frequently asked question in clairvoyant readings is how to find the right relationship. Nowadays most individuals looking for love don’t know where to start but the question is very easy to answer.

You need to have the love for you to acquire love. The same kind of energy you would like to receive can only be realized when you decide to love other’s just as you love yourself. I have therefore come up with an answer that is easy to internalize and perform since this one might sound unreal.

Initially, I don’t agree that shopping, hunting, or fishing is the way of finding a perfect individual. I have done away with many individuals and at the same time been with a suitable partner all in my existence.  I have had smooth relationships and whatever goes out of my life is then substituted with that which is good for the progression of my soul’s journey.

“Those that go searching for love, only manifest their own lovelessness. And the loveless never find love, only the loving find love. And they never have to seek for it”- D.H Lawrence

A man I was courting was once told by my mum “My daughter is not promiscuous. She is popular”

Both my date and I thought that was funny. The fact that I’m beautiful and possess a supermodel body is no reason as to why I easily make new friends and attract new partners. I trust that I attract what my mind divines and all my relationships have been associated with my current karma.

From my experience, to find the right partner, you don’t have to necessarily attend churches, go clubbing or jump on different dating sites. But I trust that our companions, friends, and lovers are attracted by us. Be at peace and let a high-power steer the wheel if you hope of attracting the right relationship.

Practice the following three things to attract the right relationship:

  • Be aware and clear of your wishes. You should understand your relationship needs. I strongly trust that you must acquire the love to find love. I, therefore, propose that you think about all the positive things that you have and let that be on the forefront when looking for relationships.
  • Seek divine intervention. As Christ said, “You have not because you ask not.” How a prayer is answered should not worry us if we want to decrease our anxiety. Our trust in the “what” will help in the realization of the “how.’ Don’t focus on what you do not need but only focus on your desire to encounter.
  • Trust and partake in the realization of your intention. Action begins when you visualize, see it, and feel it. In the well-known book, The Secret, Rhonda Byrnes states that “An affirmative thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one.” Our own relationships are built on this.

When you are ready to move on in your life and in your love, try the above steps and see if they don’t lead you down the perfect path of love and happiness.

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  1. The author provides practical steps grounded in a well-established belief system. The advice to be clear about one’s desires and seek divine intervention aligns with various psychological and spiritual practices. This could be a valuable guide for those seeking direction in their search for love.

  2. Oh sure, because the universe is just waiting to deliver Mr. or Ms. Perfect to your doorstep if you meditate hard enough and love yourself more. I’ll be sure to send my non-existent love life a memo about this newfound cosmic plan.

  3. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the idea that all it takes to find love is a strategic alignment of positive thoughts. If only D.H. Lawrence had known that all he needed was a vision board and some good vibes, we might have had fewer tragic love stories in literature.

  4. This is quite a naïve perspective on relationships. The idea that you can simply attract love by loving yourself is reductionist at best and completely ignores the complexities of human interactions and societal influences. It oversimplifies the nuanced search for a meaningful connection.

  5. I find this perspective incredibly uplifting. The emphasis on self-love and the alignment of one’s energy with their desires is profound and resonates deeply with my own experiences. This article beautifully encapsulates what it means to attract love by being love.

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