Discovering Sacred Moments in Nature

Discovering Sacred Moments in Nature

When you want to be at peace, nurture your soul and develop your consciousness, you need to get away from the unending noises of the city. Spending time taking nature walks can help us develop spiritually. It doesn’t matter if you are in a dessert, a secluded island or if you made a trip into the wild. All you feel is the power of your mind unlocking.

There are scientific studies which can prove that taking nature walks is good for us. For instance, a study carried out by a Professor of Psychology from the University of Michigan showed that there was a 20% improvement in the mental performance of people who take nature walks from time to time.

However, there was no improvement in the mental performance of those who walked down urban centers. Normally, we are being taught by poets, mystics, and shamans about the human spirit since science are solely focused on examining the brains potentials. Their views on nature give us an idea of how we should perceive the connection between nature and ourselves.

Below are some practices that can enlighten your experiences in nature:

Embrace the power of nature

Nature has a way of lifting some weight off your shoulders and developing your consciousness. It transmits energy which first arouses you then later brings your soul, mind, and body back into balance. This energy is normally characterized by invisible vibrations and color. Therefore, while walking in nature or when sitting, you should embrace these vibrations through your heart and feel its effects.

Feast on the beauty

Nature is truly magnificent, and we should appreciate and marvel at the beauty that comes with it.  When you manage to have a clear view, you will notice its intensified colors and symmetrical landscapes. Being able to embrace the true beauty of nature enables us to have a more powerful perspective of it. We can, therefore, learn to appreciate it by blessing the trees, grass and even flowers so that they disclose more of their secrets.

Let the elementals, animals, and elements guide you

When you stroll down the park, instead of following an already trodden path, you should let the bird calls or rustling winds give you a new sense of direction. Nature has a way of making you explore its hidden mysteries where you can discover opportunities which others haven’t seen yet. As you allow nature to take control over you, the natural world will become your teacher, nurturer, and guide.

Converse with spirits

There is a belief by native Americans that flora, trees, and rocks contain animal and ancestral spirits. For instance, the Shamans perceived that trees could sing, rocks could talk and the ground tugs at your feet.

Spirits usually come out to greet, teach and guide you on your soulful association to the natural world whenever you wander through a natures preserve. Once you have a clear view, you can notice a rock shaped in the information of an animal, ancestors face curved out on the back of a tree or any other geological features that resemble animals.

You can place yourself under that tree or rock, close your eyes and let those spirits take control over you. They will then humble you with a deep sense of love and oneness.

Recognize metaphors by reading the signs.

The metaphors of nature can provide answers for any deepest query. A heart-shaped rock shows love exists, a tree with two twisting trunks represents a warm embrace between lovers’ while pooling of resources is represented by squirrels gathering acorns.

These metaphoric synchronicities are more than just a figment of your imagination, they are woven into the experience of your dreaming mind. Therefore, you can build a beautiful experience when you embrace nature. Just look everywhere for signs and try your best to decipher its messages.

Collect the gifts

While taking your routine nature walks, you can come across a gift bestowed by nature. For instance, a smooth pebble from a stream, a feather from a flicker or a tree branch can be used to create sacred objects.

These sacred objects often hold the spirit and power of nature according to our indigenous elders. Medicine objects can be claws, stones or crystals. Symbolically, these gifts remind us that we hold a piece of nature’s history, and they bind our hearts to our experiences with nature.

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  1. Ah, yes, because when I’m lost in the wilderness, I’m definitely going to let the rustling winds and bird calls guide me to safety. And why not have a chat with a rock while I’m at it? Who needs GPS when you have nature’s cryptic metaphors to decipher!

  2. Nature as an omnipotent therapist—truly a novel concept. So, next time I need some mental clarity, I should skip my therapist and head straight to the nearest forest to collect pebbles and feathers as ‘sacred objects’. Seems totally legit and not at all whimsical.

  3. The ethereal poise and profound tranquility one derives from nature’s embrace are indeed unparalleled. Nature, with its unadulterated beauty, functions as a conduit to our spiritual renaissance. Embracing the metaphors and signs that it subtly delineates can indeed be enlightening.

  4. The article is certainly an aesthetic portrayal of nature’s grandeur, but it lacks the empirical rigor. Describing nature’s elements as spiritual guides is more poetic than factual. A deeper dive into the scientific literature on ecotherapy might have added substantial weight to these claims.

  5. While the romanticism of nature is enticing, the notion of conversing with spirits and deciphering metaphors seems rather far-fetched. Science, through empirical evidence, might support the benefits of nature walks, but attributing supernatural abilities to flora and fauna stretches credulity.

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