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You Can Bring Back Your Power

Your power is part of your being. It is with you from the minute you are born.  As you grow older, this shifts from power to control.  With this you have control over your own life and you can hold on to it, maintain it, add to it or completely give it away.  Unfortunately, it is very common to give away power.

If you find that your happiness depends on someone else, you have given away your power.  If you continue to blame your failings on someone else, you are giving away power.

Power is not something on the outside. That type of thinking will just lead to unhappiness.

But how do you get your power back once you have given it away?

1) Acknowledge that you have lost your power

If you are going to change things for the better, you have to realize

when and where you gave your power away. It could be that you are waiting for an ideal partner before you actually live your life. It could be that you are waiting for a certain level of financial success to determine your happiness. These indicate a loss of power.

2) You may be thinking on too small a scale

If your happiness is reliant on a thing or person, you are not seeing the bigger picture.  What happens if that one thing or one person suddenly disappears? Will you be miserable forever?   If you find the happiness in yourself, you regain your power.  You just have to be open to the possibilities.

3) How do you define yourself?

How do you see yourself? Do you think you are successful or attractive? How you think about yourself directly affects your power. If you only see the negative, you are giving the world permission to do the same.

4) Do you constantly seek outside approval?

By constantly needing permission to be proud of yourself by constantly needing approval, you are guilty of robbing yourself of your own           happiness.  Are you constantly trying to please others at the detriment of yourself?  If you answered yes to any of these, you are giving away your power by the fistful for no real reason or gain.

5) Are your personal challenges too personal?

We all face challenges in our lives. That’s just part of the life journey. Too often we blame ourselves for the cosmic punishment we seem to be getting. Sometimes things just happen. We just need to keep moving forward as best we and not completely surrender. Changing your thinking about adversity can be the best power move of all.

6) Does Trouble put you on the run?

One of the easiest things to do is ignore the trouble around us by distracting ourselves rather than facing what needs to be done.   To regain your power over distractions, face what you need to do it and do it!  Don’t let procrastination hold you back.

7) Write your own script.

Once you realize that you are in charge of your own life, you can relax knowing you make all of the choices and decisions.  Think of it as if  you are writing a movie or book. You get to decide what and where. You get to chose the path you want to take.  You have to take responsibility for your journey. Interact with others and share your dreams. Let other people help you. You know what you want, now go      out and get your power and chose your own adventure!  It’s all up to you!

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