How to Bring Back Your Inner Power

Inner Power

As you may know, your power is a vital part of your being. It has been a part of you since you were born. Gradually, as you get older, this power evolves into control. As you move through your life, you can keep your control, watch it grow or you can entirely give it away. As crazy at it seems, it is not uncommon to give away your power.

When you rely on someone else for your happiness, you give away part of your power. In the same way, if you blame your trials and tribulations on another, you are giving the power away. A major factor in unhappiness is thinking that you wear your power on the outside.

It is possible to bring your power back.

1) Admit you have lost control of yourself

The first step in changing things is to realize what they are. Think about when and where you gave away your power. It could be as simple as common self-sabotage: waiting for a perfect partner before you begin living your own life.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to start your life you are throwing away your power.

2) You aren’t thinking big enough

Are you looking at the bigger picture or do you see your life as simply something that happens to you? Does your happiness rely on someone else or something else? If this sounds like you, building happiness in yourself will help you reclaim your power.

3) Who are you?

How do you identify yourself? Do you see yourself as happy and successful? Or do you only see the negative? How you see yourself is how the world sees you!

4) Do you constantly seek reassurance in the approval of others?

Are you proud of yourself in your own life? Do you need permission from the world to be happy? If you do, you are the one losing control of your life.

5) Do you take the challenges that face you personally?

Into every life, strife happens. That’s just the way it is. If you blame yourself for the things that happen, you leave yourself unprotected against negativity.

6) Do you run away from trouble?

The only thing worse than ignoring trouble is running away from it by procrastinating and distracting yourself from your problems instead of facing the fear and doing it anyways.

Take control

If you see yourself in any of the above, you need to reevaluate your life and take power back. You can do that by acknowledging that you are in charge. It is your life. Decide what you want to do and take responsibility for the path on your life’s journey.

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