Crystals for Calling on Archangel Gabriel

Crystals for Calling on Archangel Gabriel

When you want to connect with Archangel Gabriel, you can know that he is considered the angel that does miracle. He is one of the most popular angels that people know.

After Gabriel is Raphael and Michael and they are very powerful angels. Gabriel has energy that comes in the color of blue and white and is very powerful. It is thought that he can come as a woman or a man but normally as a man.

You can talk to Gabriel and tell him what miracles that you want to have and when you feel calm and you need to see thing from a different perspective, ask him.

He loves speaking in public and so he is attracted to teachers and marketers and can help them to have better communication skills.

It is something fun to talk to Gabriel and can make you feel peaceful and like you are surrounded by music and nice smelling things. Sometimes when you contact him you will smell things like Cedarwood or Sandalwood.

You can also use crystals to talk to Gabriel. There are five main crystals that are good for this and here they are:


  • Larimar is a blue-green or teal colored stone that has white in it. It is considered a calming and peaceful stone and is meant to have energy from the ocean.
  • You can use this stone when you need to communicate clearly and when you need to meditate and balance your energies. This can help you to be honest.

Blue Lace Agate

  • This stone is a stone that is light to deep blue and sometimes it looks like the color of the sky when a thunderstorm is about to happen.
  • This stone is translucent and can help you to communicate clearly and to work on your clairaudience. This stone can help to keep your chakras balanced and strong.
  • The Blue Lace Agate is great if you need to communicate better and if you want to pick up messages from other people and to think clearly.

Blue Chalcedony

  • If you are looking for a semi translucent stone, the Blue Chalcedony can help. It is a blue stone that has bubbles and is seen as representing the water. This stone can help you to communicate in public and with others and it can help you to have good energy.
  • This is a great stone if you want to practice your telepathy and if you want to talk to the angels. This is a pretty stone if you polish it and can be used for jewelry.


  • The Celestite is a stone that is see through and normally comes in clusters. It is sparkly and pretty to look at.
  • Celestite is helpful to be able to talk to the angels and can be used when you meditate to help open the light and a portal to the spirit world.


  • The Amazonite is a stone that is heavy and has different colors such as aqua, white, and more. It is considered opaque and dense.
  • This stone can be worn as jewelry and can be heavy and is known as a healing stone.
  • This stone can increase your vibrations and make you have energy that can connect with the angels. When you use this stone, you will open up the chakras and be grounded.


If you want to use these stones, use them to connect with the angel world. Gabriel can help you with communication and if you wear these stones close to your throat, it can help you with that. You can also meditate and put this stone on your throat or on your body when you meditate.

Most of the time when you use a blue stone, it is a connection stone and can help you when you meditate to bring light and connection to you.

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  1. This article is truly enlightening. The information on connecting with Archangel Gabriel through specific crystals is both fascinating and practical. It’s inspiring to think that we can enhance communication and personal growth by harnessing the energy of these beautiful stones.

  2. Isn’t it intriguing how people can believe in such mystical concepts? While the article is well-written, the notion of connecting with angels through stones seems quite far-fetched to me. I’m more inclined to rely on science and evidence-based practices.

  3. What a lovely and detailed guide! The descriptions of each crystal and their respective energies are very helpful. I’ll definitely be trying out some of these stones to enhance my spiritual practices, especially since I’ve been looking for ways to improve my communication skills.

  4. Oh great, now I need to carry a pocketful of rocks to get my miracles sorted! Maybe if I wear enough Amazonite, I can finally teleport to work and avoid traffic altogether. Sounds like a plan!

  5. Although the article presents a compelling case for using crystals to connect with Archangels, I have to question the validity of these claims. Are there any empirical studies or scientific evidence to back up these assertions?

    • Empirical studies on metaphysical topics are indeed scarce. However, many people find personal value and spiritual insights through these practices. It’s about subjective experience rather than objective proof.

    • Why do we always need science to validate our spiritual experiences? Sometimes, faith and personal belief are enough to guide us in life. Not everything requires empirical proof.


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