Do You Have a Real Spiritual Connection?

Real Spiritual Connection

Having a spiritual connection means that you are having a soul bond with another person. This is a real connection that is deep.

Spiritual is something that is said and means different things to different people but most of the time it means having a deep caring for a certain thing. Some people will think of this as a cosmic bond. This increases with breathwork and meditation.

Signs of a Love Connection

If you want to find out if you have a spiritual love connection with someone or if you have a real soul bond, find out:

Talking Forever

Do you have someone that you can talk to forever and it never gets old? Do you feel excited when you see them, and you feel that time goes by so fast?


You have a person around you that makes you feel that there are always sparks. This is a soul connection, and it means that you are drawn to each other.

Psychic Conformation

When a psychic confirms that you are with a spiritual love, believe it. You might see that a psychic will tell you the truth and let you know about your relationship.

Know Them

You know them and you feel connected to them. They will be someone that you feel deeply connected with and someone that you feel that you have known forever even if you just met them.

Same Dreams

You and this person keep having the same dreams over and over again. This is a true sign of a spiritual bond with someone.

Ideas Line Up

When your ideas line up with each other and you have the same goals, chances are that this is a spiritual connection.

Total Honesty

In this kind of relationship there should never be lies and even the little things are known. There should be no sneaking and no tricking. Those that are connected will not worry about upsetting each other but there will be true trust.

Deep Understanding

You will have a true and deep understanding about each other. You will be able to know what they mean and what they are trying to tell you no matter what is going on.

Feeling Connected

Even when you aren’t with this person, you feel connected to them. This is an emotion that is positive, and it is like a magnet.

Guiding Your Purpose

This person will guide you through your life purpose. They will do what it takes so that you can reach your goals and that you can be what you want to be.

More Than a Physical Connection

There will be more than a physical connection, and this will be emotional and spiritual. You will want them to be strong in their mind, body, and soul.

Loving Laughter

You will be happy together and you will laugh a lot. You will find humor in each other, and they will bring you joy.

No Jealousy

You won’t be jealous of them and there will be no resentment of whatever has happened in the past. You will see that you have someone important in your life and you will tune into that. You will have no reason to be possessive.

You Both Give and Receive

You are both giving in the relationship, and it is equal. You are both there for each other to love and care for each other and everything is balanced.

You Love Spiritual Things

You both love to be spiritual and you are excited about what life has to show you.

You Keep Seeing Them

If this is someone you aren’t with yet and you keep bumping into them, this can be a big sign.  The universe might be setting up these meetings so that you can be close to them. When you think of them and they show up, that is a sign.

Nature Connection

You are both connected to nature and there is an energy that draws you outside. You love going on picnics or gardening together. Being outside together is your favorite place to be.

No Words Needed

When you need to communicate, you don’t even need words. You both know what the other is talking about and you are on a soul level of communication.

Physical Chemistry

You have strong chemistry, and the sex is good. You love to touch each other and be in each other’s arms no matter what is going on. You have total desire for one another.

Astrologically Lined Up

Your astrological signs are lined up and you are on a deep spiritual level with them. You look at your charts and they all line up just like the stars.

You Just Know

They are someone that you just know that you should be with. You feel something different with them and there is no question that you are meant to be together. You feel that you are home with them, and they make you feel wanted and loved.

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