Finding Crystalline Energy on the Grid

Crystalline Energy

There is energy that is always around you that is from the divine universe, and this is called Crystalline energy. This energy comes from a different dimension and allows you to have infinite light and to find love.

As you change, the crystalline grid is also changing and even though it covers the whole earth, it needs to be stronger so that we can focus on things such as love and compassion. The vibrations that the earth sends are full of energies that can bring kindness to the world.

Why Have Crystalline Energy?

There is a grid that works with the planets, and it has been done since ancient times. Even Plato and the Indians believed in this kind of energy. As a grid was used, this energy allowed for there to be ascension.

A crystalline grid is important for ascension as well and it is used by the planet to make life on the earth strong. Even though there is life and there is energy, these things are not separate, and they combine to make things stronger and to make the conscious mind work.

How to Use a Crystalline Grid

If you want to use a crystalline grid, you have to learn to let your heart connect with it. Here are some ways that you can make that happen:

  • Close your eyes and imagine the now.
  • Let your heart chakra bring love to you.
  • Let light enter into your heart center.
  • Pay attention to the light as it goes through all of your chakras.
  • Live in the present moment and connect with Mother Gaia.
  • Let light and the energy around you connect with the earth as you connect again with Mother Gaia.
  • Imagine the light flowing from your feet to the top of your head and through your chakras.
  • Imagine the light coming into your crown chakra and let it go to your feet as you are more aware of it.
  • Say to yourself, “I choose to let my energy work with the crystalline grid, and I will make my energy stronger and connect with the earth.”
  • Let the energy now flow around you and look at the rainbow that surrounds your being.

Love and Light Energy

Once you do this, see that you are in a different dimension in your mind and your spirit. Let the ascension flow over you. Once you are ready, do these things:

  • Say, “I let the crystalline grid come into my heart and help me to go through my ascension. Let it help me to be the best person I can be.”
  • Let the energy come to you and allow the bright light to go deep inside of you.
  • Allow the light to go to your heart chakra and open yourself up to love and humanity.
  • Let the light fill the earth and let nature and love fill you for everlasting to everlasting.
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