How Akashic Records Affect You?

Akashic Records

People have heard of Akashic records, but they don’t really know about them. Some people are curious while others do not care much about them, but the thing is that these are the records that are about your past life.

If you want to understand your past life, you will see that you can tap into your energies and you can access your Akashic records, and this can help you connect with the energies of them. Your soul will talk to you and you will know more about who you are and what your purpose is.

Knowing about your Akashic records can help you to know who you are.

What are Akashic Records?

Akashic records are the records of everything that has happened since the beginning of your soul. Since you were created, your soul had given you future possibilities that you cannot even imagine. You have experienced different lifetimes and different emotions and everything that has ever happened is recorded in these records.

Connecting with Energies

The energies that you connect with are there to show you where you have come from. There are different people such as:

  • Angels
  • Teachers
  • Loved ones that have passed away
  • Masters
  • Ascended Masters

These are people that are star beings. Everyone has different energies and when you work together with these people, you will see that these energies are strong.

Connection Between Akashic Records and Intuition

People often wonder what is going on with their records and when they can tap into these, they will know what their energies are all about and more about their soul.

Most of the people that get readings are able to see things that they don’t know and things that they do know. They know that they are supposed to be some of these things from their past life, but sometimes they miss it when life gets hard or busy.

Some people that access their records have had dreams about their past lives.

Feeling of Records

Nothing really happens when you go into the records except that it streams a conscious thinking. It is almost like talking. Your brain doesn’t shut off and you get feelings that come out of your mouth that you might not have expected.

Do You Need to Prepare?

Preparation is not necessary, but you need to not over plan a reading like this. You don’t want to be disappointed in what is said. Learn to understand that your intuition plays a big role in this and if there is something that you need to ask, you can do that in your reading.

Can Anyone Read the Records?

Reading Akashic records is not something that is easy. People have to learn to connect with their energy self and to be able to see what is happening around them.

When you want to reach your records, you can tap into them but there is no real secret or trick to doing this, it is just another gifting.


There is nothing really that you have to prepare to read these records. This will be layers that you have to peel back. You will develop your mind and your body to be able to access these records and then you just have to trust what is coming through. You don’t have to worry about every detail because things will fall into place for you.

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  1. For those interested in mysticism, Akashic records could be seen as a spiritual library of sorts, containing the history of every soul. While it takes time and practice to access these records, the potential insights gained could be invaluable for one’s spiritual journey.

  2. Are we really suggesting that reading Akashic records is just another ‘gift’? It sounds more like an elaborate way to justify daydreams as past-life memories. The brain is a powerful organ, but let’s not mistake its complexities for something mystical.

    • While I understand the skepticism, dismissing it outright overlooks the subjective experiences people have. Even if we don’t have concrete proof, the personal revelations can still hold value for individuals.

    • Couldn’t agree more. This sounds like a lot of New Age mumbo jumbo to me. The brain can play all sorts of tricks, and this feels like a prime example of that.

  3. Oh, just fantastic! So now we have a cosmic filing cabinet storing all our past lives? Do we get a loyalty card for frequent visits? I wonder if the Akashic librarian gets paid overtime during Mercury retrograde!

  4. I’m quite skeptical about the whole Akashic records idea. While it may provide some emotional comfort to those who believe in it, the lack of empirical evidence makes it hard to take seriously. It’s important to approach such topics with a critical mind.

  5. The concept of Akashic records is absolutely fascinating! I believe that understanding our past lives can profoundly impact our current experiences and personal growth. The idea of connecting with different energies such as angels and ascended masters is truly enlightening.

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