Keeping Long Distance Relationships Alive

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be hard and if you are not able to keep the spark alive then more than likely, you will move from being in love to being out of love. When you are compassionate about love, it causes you to have deep connections with your partner. This means that when you are together, you will want to be with each other, have sex and spend bonding time together.

It is not often that couples that have been together for years and years are still making the same sexual passions that happened when their relationship first started but if you are more passionate in love, it will cause you to have a better relationship as time goes on. If you are passionate in love, you will work hard to make your partner happy.

Even though being compassionate in love will grow as time goes on, relationships that are good and normal usually have less passion as time goes on, even though you can build this passion if you want to.

Focus Exercises

Sensate Focus exercises are kinds of foreplay that you can do with your partner that can cause them to orgasm. This is a time where you are both the giver and the receiver. The giver will make the partner feel good during sex by starting at the head and going down the body slowly with the fingertips. This will cause a sensation that makes all five of the senses come alive.

This kind of foreplay helps with sexuality and sensuality. Once you start doing this, doing this at least once a month will make the relationship be stronger.


Make a game to make the sex more passionate. Make a chart and find out what you and your partner like. You might want to watch your partner masturbate or try things like oral sex. Pick what you both like and make a game of it.

Love Vows

Figure out what your partner likes and then commit to doing this more. Make sure that you are doing foreplay for at least 30 minutes so that you can learn to enjoy sex more.

Doing this doesn’t have to always be a physical thing, you can also do things like tell your partner how thankful you are for them and showing them gratitude.

Check On Each Other

Take time each day to check on your partner and see what they are doing when you aren’t with them. This might sound easy but a lot of couples forget to do this. Doing this can create a strong bond with you and your partner.

Deep Level of Knowing

Learn to get to know each other even better. Find out what they are feeling and what their dreams and goals are or if they have changed. Figure out what you can ask each other that you don’t know and do this each day.

Phone Free Time

Take time each day to put your phone down and talk to each other. Do this for an hour each day and you will see that you can learn to concentrate on what your partner is feeling and what is going on in their life.

Fun Activities

Find activities besides sex that you both love to do. Do things that make you both smile and have fun/. Do things that you used to do in the past when you first started falling in love.

New Things

On top of old activities, find new things that you both like to do. Doing this can make dopamine form and make you feel like you are falling in love all over again.

This is also something that can raise your adrenaline level and cause you to have a rush that you will not forget.

Pretend it is the Last Time for Sex

Pretend that you are having sex for the last time and make it good. Do things that are exciting and make sure that you are making your partner excited. Focus on all of the details and have fun.

Kindu App

You can find the Kindu App on Google Play and this will give you different ideas on what you can do in the bed. This is a way to explore things together that you might not be comfortable talking about yet.

Make Out

Start making out but then stop and don’t have sex. Doing this can be a big turn on for you and your partner. Cue your partner into your feelings but then do not have sex with them. This will make your partner want you even more than they do right now.

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  1. The irony here is palpable. If long-distance couples had time for all these elaborate tips, they’d probably find a way to be together in the first place. Setting aside an hour daily for phone-free time? Who has that luxury in today’s busy world?

  2. It’s heartwarming to see such practical advice on keeping the spark alive in long-distance relationships. Sensate Focus exercises and exploring new activities together could be genuinely beneficial for couples striving to maintain their connection.

  3. The article offers a well-rounded roadmap for couples struggling with distance. The emphasis on understanding each other’s dreams and goals and engaging in fun activities beyond the bedroom is particularly insightful. Kudos to the author!

  4. Yes, because nothing says ‘romance’ quite like pretending it’s your last time having sex. I can imagine the conversation now: ‘Honey, let’s pretend we might never do this again.’ Very uplifting, really makes one look forward to the future.

  5. This article seems to be underestimating the intelligence of its readers. The suggestions given, such as ‘checking on each other’ and ‘phone-free time,’ are not exactly groundbreaking. Surely, maintaining a long-distance relationship requires more nuanced strategies than these oversimplified tips.

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