Seeing the Aura Surrounding You


Has anyone ever said to you that your aura is amazing or that they could tell who you were by how your aura was? Maybe you never knew what this meant because you don’t see anything surrounding you except for your shadow. Read on to find out more about your aura and how you can even see your own aura energies.

What is an Aura?

An aura is the energy that surrounds you. Everyone has one and each layer can be a different color because it is based on your feelings and your emotions. This energy will surround you and can help you to stay balanced and strong.

When you feel tired or angry, it can mean that your aura is full of negativity, and it might be time for you to have an aura cleansing to be strong again.

Seeing an Aura

There are colors of the aura that surround you in layers and some people can see these while others cannot. Some people are gifted in being able to see energy and they will be able to see the different colors that surround others.

There is even a camera that is able to look at your body and to see the colors of energy that surround you and this camera can read your aura.

If you want to be able to see your own aura, you can practice this by putting your hand in front of your eyes and stare at your hand until you are able to notice things getting blurry. Once this happens, look for color or light and see if you can see your own aura.

Using a Picture to Know the Aura

The camera that can see the aura can take pictures and you can look at the energy that surrounds you when you get these pictures done. This will show you the energy and you can know how the energy works by looking at different parts of the picture.

The energy in the bottom part of the picture and on the right is the energy that will be your future energy while the energy of your now is on the top of the picture. The energy will flow in a right to left motion and so you can always see that your future energy is on the left.

You can even purchase your own aura camera, and this can help you to take your own aura photos. You can do this, and you can find that the colors will show up well for you.

Colors of Auras

There are different colors of the aura, and they all mean something different. Some are good colors and can mean you are healthy while others can mean something is wrong. If you have good health and you meditate and try things like reiki, chances are that your aura will be healthy and strong.

Red Aura

The red aura can mean that you are safe and that you have good relationships with others. This can also mean that your finances are good and that you are excited about your life. Chances are that you like to go on adventures and that you are not fearful, and you are able to move on from situations that are no good for you.

Hot Pink Aura

A hot pink or magenta aura can mean that you have strong intuition and you known your real purpose. This color can mean that you are strong in yourself, and you have passions for life. It can also mean that you work hard, and you love to be free.

Orange Aura

The orange aura can mean that you have a strong sacral chakra and that you love to be around people. It can mean that you do not worry in your relationships, and you have a lot of joy. It can also mean that you make friends fast.

Blue Aura

The blue aura can mean that you are able to talk to others. It can connect with your throat chakra and help you to communicate with others well. You can also be a strong guide for others.

Green Aura

The green aura can mean that you are someone that is able to heal. It can mean that you have love for others and that you are able to have compassion. It can mean you have unconditional love. The problem is that this can also mean that you are experiencing some kind of envy or jealousy.

Yellow Aura

The yellow aura can mean that you love to experience new things. It can help to make your solar plexus strong and can bring you joy and peace.

Pink Aura

The pink aura can mean you are positive, and you do not have negativity in your life. It can mean you love to live in the now.

Purple Aura

The purple aura can mean that you are strong, and you have power. It can mean you know what your worth is, and it can connect with the crown chakra. This can mean you have desires in your life, and you are open to new things and new ideas. It can also mean you know when someone is lying or being truthful to you.

Turquoise Aura

The turquoise aura can mean that you can communicate and speak well. It can mean that you are often bored with things in your life, and you want to have excitement.

White Aura

A white aura can mean that you are very healthy, and you are connected to your spiritual self. It can be the best aura because it means everything is good.

Grey Aura

A grey aura can mean that you are concerned or upset about something or that you are being passionate in life.

What is Your Aura Color?

You can go and get an aura reading so that you can know what your aura colors are. This can help you to know what you need to improve in and what you need to change to be healthy and strong. Find out if your aura needs to be cleansed or if you are strong in your mind, body, and soul.

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