Getting Healed with Mother Nature

Getting Healed with Mother Nature

One thing that you know is that you can count on in life is Mother Nature or Gaia. This is considered the great mother and she is known to be part of nature.

Wherever you live, you will probably find things such as water ways, rivers, creeks, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, and other things that you can find while hiking through nature. These things might even be some of your favorite things to see.

Go Explore

When things are not going well or when things are hard, you can always go out and explore nature. This can help your life to be better and help you to get rid of negative things in your life. Nature can bring you joy and peace and can help to keep your chakras balanced.

Get Free of Stress

Mother nature is something that allows you to be free of the stress of life and to quiet your mind. It can help you to get rid of negative or toxic energy and to hear the voices around you that are there to help you move forward and to be the best that you can be.

Get Rid of Negativity

Mother nature can help you to get rid of negative energy out of your life and can help you to find peace and happiness.

People that live in the city and are not able to be close to nature often have more negativity than those that live close to nature. They are not able to get away from the business in life and the noise and traffic all around them.

Listen to Your Spirit Guides

Everyone needs to have time to relax and to listen to their spirit guides. They need to quiet their mind and to embrace their inner being. They need to have time to listen to their spirit and to get rid of negativity in their life.

Protect Nature

The world is there to help you heal and to give you grace when your soul is struggling. In order to make your life better, you must learn to protect nature and make sure that you watch out for it so that future generations can also benefit from it.

The wind and the sun help to make your aura strong, and the water will help to get rid of negative energy around you. The way that you breathe allows you to inhale nature such as the trees and the beauty around you. It is a unique thing to be able to be part of nature.

When You Cannot Get to Nature

When you are not able to go outside, you can do things to help yourself such as look at nature pictures and turn on nature sounds. Allow your chakras to be balanced and use the healing vibrations of nature to help you. You can listen to the wind or listen to wind sounds and you can even do things such as take a bath so that you can be part of nature and heal.


Life is sometimes easy and when it is people forget that they need to reach out to nature. Meditate and practice being one with nature and allow yourself to always stay strong.

Remember People You Love

If you need to keep people on your mind so that you remember to reach out to them, build a shrine. You can make this for someone that is in your life, and you can add things that remind you of them such as flowers or of symbols that your loved one enjoyed. Send your loved one’s light and love and allow them to know that you will never forget them.

Do not allow other people to be part of the space of your shrine because this is a place between you and your loved one. You do not want them to mess up this space or to disrupt it or change it. You never want there to be negative energy that enters there.

Love and Forgive

When you have someone that comes to your mind that you think is sad, think about them and talk to your spirit guides and allow them to fill them with your love. Do not hold on to worry or stress but leave it behind and have forgiveness and love in your heart at all times.

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  1. The emphasis on Mother Nature’s role in balancing our chakras is fascinating. This echoes ancient holistic practices that view nature as an integral part of our spiritual health. More people should be aware of these principles.

  2. The idea of building a shrine for loved ones and filling it with natural elements is not only touching but also deeply personal. It’s a unique way to remember and honor those we care about while also connecting with nature. Truly poetic.

  3. Oh, great. Another article telling city dwellers that they’re doomed because they can’t frolic in the woods. Seriously, could we get some practical advice for urbanites?

  4. What a beautifully written piece! It’s a reminder of how vital nature is to our well-being. The suggestion to meditate and connect with nature is a profound way to reduce stress and find inner peace. Truly inspiring!

  5. So, if I can’t get to nature, I should look at pictures and listen to wind sounds? Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? Next, I’ll just download an app to become one with the universe. *eye roll*


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