Teaching “Magic” to Your Child

Teaching “Magic” to Your Child

Some children have psychic abilities very early in life and if you are willing to listen and nurture these abilities, they will grow. This means listening to the stories about the angels and such without question or doubt because it is their connection to the other side.

If you are nurturing this ability in a child, it is important to also teach about things like deliberate creation, setting intentions, affirmations, manifesting, energy healing, and the Law of Attraction. This is all about “creating magic” as you send love and healing light out to protect you and the child.

Bringing Compassion and Empathy

Teaching a child these types of metaphysical principles can cultivate compassion and empathy as well as help them realize they are powerful and can care for themselves and others. This can create a noticeable difference between a child taught these principles and other children that have no reference to this outlook.

Those with a more spiritual outlook are often more empowered, in control, and confident in most situations. By comparison, others may appear fearful, insecure, and quick to complain when something is difficult, or they are not able to accomplish something on their own.

Empathic and Healing Abilities

Children taught these skills tend to develop their own empathic abilities and even healing abilities that are well beyond their chronological age. Some have even been known to create their own “magical” potions with their ingredients and recipes. Some may end up more aware when people are struggling or living through a challenge in life.

Children also tend to be more aware of the needs of other children, even when those children do not return the same amount of empathy. This starts with allowing your child to dream about the moon and beyond while also sharing in these dreams. Do not be afraid to dive heart first into what they feel.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Teachings

Teaching your children spiritual values and metaphysical concepts is beneficial to the child and to others in their world as well. Some of us are raising up the next generation of leaders, healers, teachers, and seers. The world needs this type of people more now than ever before. People need others who can offer unconditional love, compassion, kindness, hope, and even faith.

There can never be too much of this type of behavior and action in the world. It is up to us as parents to make an effort to raise children with metaphysical awareness and deeper spiritual awareness. Someday, they will thank you for the all-important lessons.

Learning a Lesson as a Parent

It can take time and effort to teach children these lessons, but as a parent we should be willing to work hard to help our children become the best humans that they can be in this life. Not all parents believe in the metaphysical, but children are closer to the angels than adults.

Adults have been in society long enough, that they have been taught against such things for the most part. Take time to talk to your children, be open to all the fantastic stories they can share. It can be easy enough to ignore these fantastical tales, but perhaps we should accept them and learn.

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  1. Oh yes, because clearly the world needs more ‘magical potions’ and less scientific methodology! Who needs factual education and critical thinking when you can just rely on angels and healing light? This is exactly why society is declining.

  2. This article is a breath of fresh air. The emphasis on nurturing children’s psychic and empathic abilities is truly revolutionary. It offers a much-needed perspective in a world increasingly leaning towards empirical evidence and skepticism. Children raised with a heightened spiritual awareness could indeed be the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

  3. Sure, teach children to connect with angels and make magical potions. That’ll come in handy when they’re trying to solve global warming or pay taxes. Why not just enroll them in Hogwarts already?

  4. The article brings up interesting points about teaching children spiritual and metaphysical principles. However, it’s important to balance these teachings with scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. While empathy and compassion are crucial, they should be grounded in reality to avoid misleading young minds.

  5. I must express my deep concern and disagreement with the claims made in this article. Encouraging children to believe in unprovable metaphysical concepts could hinder their ability to engage critically and rationally with the world. Rational thinking and scientific understanding should be the primary focus for any form of education.

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