How Empaths Absorb Other’s Emotions

How Empaths Absorb Other People’s Emotions

Being an empath means that you are always feeling the emotions and feelings of others. You will have the mood that they have to come upon you, and it can leave you overwhelmed and feeling drained in your emotions.

When you watch things on television, you are not able to watch violent things because you can feel the energies of people on movies as well. There is nothing wrong with being an empath and it is a gift from the universe, but you need to make sure you are protecting your mental health.


An empath is someone that can experience the emotions and feelings of others. Empaths have great qualities, and they can connect with other people, and they have a deep understanding of others. They love to take care of other people and to see them healed.

People that are empaths love to share the good energies, but the hard part is when the energies are sad or depressing. This can cause the empath to feel depressed and to not be able to separate their own feelings from the feelings and emotions of others. You have to learn to deal with these negative feelings.


The best thing that you can do is to learn to name the feeling you are having. If you are feeling angry, call it out. This feeling might not be yours and when you call it out, you can learn who the feeling belongs to.


You must learn to ground yourself to be strong. Focusing on your own life and on being grounded means that you are strong and carefree. You can do things such as walk barefoot in nature or take salt baths.

Focus on y our energy and be mindful and meditate. This can help you to always be present and to get rid of negative emotions.


An empath has to learn to be aware when they are dealing with other people’s emotions. They need to learn what feelings they are having and how to separate their own feelings from the feelings of other people. Learn to know what emotions belong to you.


There are different things you can do to increase your strength as an empath and one way is to imagine a glass wall surrounding you. This allows you to see the emotions of that person, but the emotions are not able to get through the wall and get on you.

The wall lets the emotions bounce back to the person and even though you know the feelings, you don’t have to absorb them. Use this technique when you are in large crowds.


Always be curious about what people are feeling and why. You might assume someone is feeling something and then find out you are right.

Be curious about people around you and instead of allowing their bad mood to get on you, learn to understand what they are going through and why they are having these feelings. This helps you to get closer to someone and to know what is happening your emotions.


An empath needs to have strong boundaries. This is very important in all relationships because empaths often get taken advantage of because they are so caring.

Having someone always trying to deal with your emotions and give their emotions to you can drain you. When you set up boundaries you can get rid of these negative feelings when you need to.

Let it Go

Learn to let go of the emotions that you are having, especially other people’s emotions. Deal with them and do not let them overwhelm you.

Imagine that the emotions are going into a picture and absorbing it. You can also do this with a leaf. As the leaf blows away, imagine the emotion blowing away as well. This can help you to stay calm and to help you to be strong.


Being an empath is a gift that the universe has given you. This gift can help you to help others and can help you to know who you are.

If you find that you are always negative and have negative energies around you, learn to use the ideas above to help you work through these feelings and let your positive energy come through.

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