How to Connect to Your Spirit Guide


We each have a whole team of spirit guides that are just waiting to offer us support. The only issue is that these spirit guides cannot fully connect to us on their own unless we offer both help and permission.

Each spirit guide is carefully chosen and recruited to suit our individual needs. They are all also totally devoted to our growth. Why would we consider not connecting with them at all times?

Many of the spirit guides have spent many lifetimes on earth and as they have gone through these lives, just like many others, they have developed their own eclectic grouping of wisdom, gifts, and unique experiences. Each spirit guide is perfectly suited to the highest calling in your life.

In fact, their only job is to offer support and guidance as much or as little of both as you wish. Most people will have around six guides in their inner circle, some have more, some have less. There are also times when new ones can be called in as needed to provide further guidance.

Below, we will share ways to develop a relationship with your group of spirit guides so you can benefit from their existence:

Just Ask

Spirit guides are quite impressive. They can do about anything, from finding a parking spot to healing you after a broken heart shatters your life. They can help you meet your future partner and get you through the deepest, darkest depression.

Furthermore, they can give you the courage to go for it with your highest calling while helping you let go of the past. The requests you can make can neither be too big or too small. Still, we live in a world of free will so they will not answer if you have not first asked.

Separated From the Outcome

When you first start working with spirit guides, you may have expectations of how they should look, think, speak, and appear. You may want a total history before really getting involved, but we must let go of what we think the experience should be and just let it happen.

When you can do this, the relationship with your guides will deepen. Release how your mind thinks your spirit guides should be or act and instead be opened to receiving their guidance however it comes. They will provide beyond any expectations.

Attunement Meditation

Spirit guides are always prepared to meet and connect but tuning into their frequency can sometimes be a challenge. Try setting aside some time to do a dedicated meditation or spirit guides attunement to make this initial connection.

Create a Guidance Box

Find a small box, something special, to use for communication with your spirit guides. Then, on a small piece of paper, write down a question or request something specific that you desire help with from your guides. Fold the paper and place it lovingly in the box. Wait to see how your guide’s answer.

Ask For Some Sign

This one is an obvious one but can be highly effective. Pick some particular object, something possible, but unexpected, that you want to receive as a communication form from your guides. It can be anything from a symbol that is meaningful for you to something like a red rose or purple star. Your guide should soon make one appear as a way of communication.