Pulling Yourself Out of an Emotional Slump

Emotional Slump

Often times, when we find ourselves facing the pressures of everyday life and the stress and emotions that come along with it, we tend to try to escape our reality. When emotions get too great and overwhelming, we head for the abyss, so to speak…a place where things are going okay, and our realities and problems don’t exist.

This way of escaping or jumping into the abyss can happening in many ways, including turning to drugs, alcohol, and other addicting behaviors such as sex, food, gambling, and work. On the surface, these escapes might seem like they’re a healthy way to help cope with the stresses you’re facing. But in actuality, these forms of “escape” can be dangerous to your physical and mental health.

Doing in Moderation

Of course, these behaviors, or emotional crutches aren’t necessarily dangerous if done in moderations. It’s the extent and degree in which we continue the behavior that can be hazardous to your health in all contexts. Many times, our escapes can be done safely when done in a measured and responsible way. However, there can be times where we’re struggling harder than usual, and that can trigger a jump deeper in to the abyss…making it harder to get back out.

Listening to the Universe

One of the reasons why we can sometimes fall so far into the abyss is because we aren’t listening to the signs and signals from the Universe. The Universe gives us many chances and time to heal ourselves and get our lives back on track. It’s important to always listen to what The Universe it trying to tell you, especially if you’ve fallen too far into the abyss.

Low Points in Life

A transformative leap into the abyss can happen when we feel as though we’ve hit one of our lowest points in life. We hit an “ah ha” moment, pushing us to change our lives for the better, thus climbing out of our emotional abyss and moving on in a positive light.

When we are connected to our deepest selves…our deepest revelations and emotions, that is when we can cut through the pain an begin the healing process. In listening to our instincts and connecting with the Universe and our deepest selves, we’ll be on the journey out of the abyss and back into living a healing, positive life.

The important thing to remember while on this journey is to give yourself plenty of space, peace, and time to make this journey up and out of your emotional abyss.

Remember, it’s only after we’ve been at the core of our darkness…the deepest of our abyss, that we can start ascending from that abyss on a journey towards light and freedom. And when you emerge from that abyss, you’ll find that you’ll be able to start anew and come back to your life stronger than before. In doing this, we let go of the ego and embrace our newfound and refreshed inner selves, providing us with a new and fresh understanding of the world…as well as the Universe.

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