Have You Had a Past Life?


There are many people that believe in reincarnation or believe that they have had some kind of past life. You might be able to look online to get points that can tell you if you have had a past life or not but if you want to know some signs, here are some signs that you might have lived a past life:

  • Déjà vu

Have you ever had a feeling that you had experienced something before? Even though science can’t prove Déjà vu, this is a strange feeling that people might have had about memories of a past life.

  • Memories

There are some memories that people have that they can’t explain. These are memories that could be childhood memories, or they could have happened in a different life.

  • Dreams

Some memories can come up in dreams or in nightmares. Dreams can be about boring things in your life, or you can dream about your past life. If you have traumas, you might have nightmares of these and know that they are from the past life.

  • Phobias

Some people are afraid of things like water or spiders, and they don’t know why. This can be something that happened in a past life and carried over to your new life.

  • Loving Cultures

If you are someone that is drawn to a certain culture and you want to know everything about it, you might be someone that was part of that culture. This can be something historical, but it can also suggest a past life.

  • Strange Passions

There are people that have strange passions that they can’t understand. This can be part of reincarnation. If you have something going on that you can’t resist, this can be something you have lived through before.

  • Bad Habits

There are some habits that are bad and dark, and these can come from a past life. This can be things like being obsessive compulsive or having other habits that you can’t seem to control or break. This can come from past life situations.

  • Pain

People that have aches and pains that are unexplainable can be having these because of something that happened to them in their past life.

  • Birthmarks

Many people believe that birthmarks are part of a past life. There are people that have had birthmarks that they can’t explain or that no one else in the family has.  Some argue that these are things that are just a coincidence, but others believe it is past life proof.

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