Reasons Behind Dreaming of an Ex

Dreaming of an Ex

There are some people that remember almost every dream that they have, and others can’t remember them at all. Some look at their dreams as adventures while others often wake up confused and maybe even scared or concerned. One kind of dream that people sometimes have is dreaming about their ex.

Dreaming about your ex is something that is very common. It can happen if you are in a relationship with someone that makes you happy or it can happen if you are single. Some believe that when there are things going on like the pandemic, that people will have dreams where they cheat more or more dreams about their ex.

The thing is what is going on in the dream makes a difference as to what the dream means. Here are some reasons that you might be dreaming about your ex:

They Represent Something You Want Back

Your ex can represent something that you want back in your life, not them, of course, but something that you have dreamed about. It could be something as silly as wanting a cat to come back home that ran away.

You Desire Change in Life

Another reason that people often dream of their ex is because they want something different in their life. This often happens with cheating dreams. Some people have cheating dreams when something is wrong like a pandemic because they keep having a feeling that they need to escape.

Common Ex Dreams

Here are some of the most common dreams of an ex:

  • First Love

An ex will be someone that is often a first love and if you have this dream because you have spent years together, chances are that you are desiring passion and excitement. You might wish that your current relationships was more exciting, or you might need to do things to spice up your life more.

  • Abusive Ex

Dreaming of an abusive ex can mean that you still have no trust for people around you and you might be angry or resent people. Another thing that might be happening is that you are still letting the past abuse control you.

If you are having sex with your ex in your dream, it can mean that you have come to peace with what has happened in your past and you learned your lesson, forgiven and you are ready to get your life in order.

  • Fighting Your Ex

People often dream of fighting with their ex and this dream doesn’t mean that you are going to go and fight your ex, it just can mean that you are still trying to figure out why the relationship went wrong, and you are beating yourself up over things you did wrong. It can also mean that you are letting go of the feelings that held you in the relationship.

  • Pregnant with Your Ex’s Child

Some people dream that they get pregnant with their exes child, and this can mean that you learned your lessons from the past relationship and your strength and wisdom is growing inside of you.

  • You Are By Your Ex

There are some that dream that their ex is just around them in the dream. This can depend on how far away the ex is from you or how long ago the breakup was. If the breakup was a long time ago, this can mean that you are being reminded of this ex from long ago because you are going through the same situations.

  • Stealing from the Ex

This is a dream that can mean that you are trying to understand what happened in the relationship. If you break into their house or you steal from their car, you are probably trying to understand why your relationship ended.

  • Wanting the Ex-Back

There are significant dreams when you dream of wanting an ex back. If the ex was abusive then this is just a warning dream that you are allowing the same situation to happen o you again. If the relationship didn’t work out for other reasons though you might just be doing some inner work.

  • Recent Ex

If you dream about an ex that you broke up with recently, it can mean that you desire to be back in the relationship. If they are apologizing to you or trying to get you back, you might just want to be in a relationship with someone.

  • Ex is Dating Someone Else

Dreaming of your ex being with someone else can mean that you are trying to let yourself know that your ex has moved on and they are starting a new life and you need to do this as well.

Dreaming of Your Ex While in a Relationship

If you have dreamed about your ex and you are with someone else, you need to know that he can’t hold this kind of dream against you. You haven’t done anything wrong and just because you dream of someone doesn’t mean that you are unhappy or that you want your ex back.

Some couples will realize that they are not putting excitement in their current relationship due to things like being busy over work or because of children and this is a time to look at the situation and make changes.

Your dreams are not real life, even if they feel like it, but they are there to warn you or to give you ideas about how to change things that are happening in your life. If you feel that your dreams are causing you problems, talk to a mental health profession or a counselor to help you understand your dreams more.

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