Loving from Long Distances

Loving from Long Distances

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard. The distance that you both have to have can cause the relationship to grow cold over time. Your partner might have just moved away from you to a place where they have to live for college or for their job and this situation means that you have to learn to show love to each other if you want the relationship to work out.

Make Them Feel Loved

It is important to make your partner feel loved if they have to be apart from you. You have to find different ways to show them that the relationship is important and that you love them. Try to do these things to keep it strong:

  • Give them attention.
  • Communicate often.
  • Talk about the future together.
  • Say sorry if you’re wrong.
  • Thank them when they help you.
  • Tell them you love them and why.
  • Compliment them.

Showing Love in a Long-Distance Relationship

If you end up being in a long-distance relationship, there are ways that you can show them love so that the relationship doesn’t end up cold. There are ways that you can keep this relationship strong and here’s how:

  • Call Often

Take time to call each other as often as you can. Since you won’t be able to have the communication like you did when you were together, you have to put an effort to communicate more on the phone.

  • Texting

Text each other as often as you can so that you can reassure the relationship and show that you love them. Make it short and loving or make it long.

  • Say I Love You

It is important to tell each other that you love them so that you realize that the relationship is as strong as ever. Make it a habit to say you love your partner.

  • Surprise Them

Surprise your partner with gifts in the mail or by showing up to see them. Send them something cute in the mail like a letter or a shirt that tells them how much you love them. Don’t forget holidays and birthdays.

  • Visit

Visit them and surprise them. Show up when they least expect you and show that you are willing to sacrifice your time for them.

  • Share Pictures

Share pictures that you have together and show them how much you love and miss them. Share old pictures on social media of the times that you were spending together.

  • Commit

Don’t cheat ono your partner no matter what. Even if you get lonely you need to make sure that you are loyal and true to them.

  • Video Chats

Schedule video chats so that you can see each other face to face. Do this as much as you can so that you can see your partner and not miss them as much.

  • Respect Them

Whatever caused them to have to move, respect that and them. Don’t be upset about it each time you talk to them.

  • Talk About Distance

Take time to talk about how it is good that you are at a distance. Do this so that you can be patient and make the love stronger.

  • Plan the Future

Take time to talk about the future and make future plans together. This is a way that you can make the relationship feel real. Talk about marriage and children and other things.

  • Visit Their Family

Go and visit their family once in a while so that you can show them that you care about them and that you care about their family.

  • Dating

Schedule a date with them rather it is in person, or you do it over video chat. This can be hard but if you travel to see them, they will see how much you care.

  • Send Them a Pet

Buy them a pet and send it to them. This can be their companion while you aren’t there.

  • Paint for Them

Paint or create a picture for them so that they can see that you love them and care about them. Surprise them by mailing it to them.

  • Voice Notes

Send them voice notes before they go to work or before they go to bed. This will make you feel that you are with them.

  • Be Eager

Show them how eager that you are to see them and to be close to them again. Talk about how you can’t wait to see them again and how you can’t wait to hold them.

  • Make a Vacation Countdown

Plan a vacation with them and count down the days each day to when you will see each other again.

  • Ask Them

Ask them questions and get their opinion on things that are going on in your life. This will show them that their thoughts matter to you.

  • Don’t Stalk Them

Don’t get online to see if you can catch your partner in anything. Trust them and don’t monitor them.

  • Forgive Them

Forgive your partner if they make a mistake as soon as it is made. Don’t let unforgiveness get in the way.

  • Favorite Food

Send your partner their favorite food so that they can enjoy a meal sent by you.

  • Offer Help

Offer to help them out if there is a problem or if they need something from you. Always show them support and love.

  • Tell Them Your Schedule

Tell your partner if your schedule changes or what is going on in your life. Express that you want them to know everything about you.

  • Send Memes

Send them funny memes so that they can get a good laugh when times are hard and when they miss being around you.

Final Thoughts

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard but there are ways that you can make it strong, and you can keep it going. Don’t give up and learn to have respect for the distance. You can show love in your relationship in different ways to keep it strong and healthy.

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  1. I find the emphasis on constant communication quite problematic. Quality over quantity, people! Bombarding your partner with texts and calls can come across as needy or insecure. A well-timed, heartfelt message can mean so much more than incessant communication.

  2. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to sustain a long-distance relationship effectively. The emphasis on frequent communication and showing appreciation is paramount. The idea of sending surprise gifts and planning future visits can significantly strengthen emotional bonds. Another crucial point is the importance of trust and respecting each other’s space. Overall, these strategies, if implemented thoughtfully, can mitigate the challenges posed by physical distance and keep the relationship thriving.

  3. Absolutely fantastic advice! As someone who has been in a long-distance relationship for years, I can vouch for the importance of communication and surprises. It really helps to keep the love alive and makes the reunion that much sweeter.

  4. This is utterly unrealistic. Life gets busy, and constantly maintaining this level of effort can be exhausting. Not everyone has the time or emotional bandwidth to send gifts and plan vacations all the time. Relationships should be more natural than this.

  5. While the article provides a comprehensive list of strategies, it fails to account for the psychological toll of long-distance relationships. According to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, emotional labor in maintaining long-distance relationships can lead to significant stress over time.

  6. Oh, sure! Send your partner a pet. Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like the logistical nightmare of shipping a live animal across states or countries. Brilliant advice! 😂


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