How to Connect with the Dead

Connect with the Dead

Talking to the dead is something that people often want to be able to do. Some people have this as a gift while others wish that they had a last chance to tell someone that they love goodbye or to thank them for something that they didn’t get the chance to before they died.

Are you able to talk to the dead? The truth is that you can communicate with them, and some believe that they can communicate back with you.

Everyone has people in their life that has died that were special to them. No one really knows what kind of relationship that you had with someone but you and when you need to talk to someone that has died, try to make contact to them.

You can look at the different ways that you can communicate with the dead and you can find out which one fits you best. Some people choose to look at tarot cards or to get a tarot card reading. The Death tarot card is one that can tell you things about the mysteries of death.

Understanding Death

Death is when the body stops breathing and the blood stops pumping, and the brain activity is no longer there. Spiritual death is when the body dies, and the soul leaves and the spirit goes to the after place. Some believe in reincarnation and others believe that there is a heaven and a hell. People that believe in reincarnation believe that you can keep talking and communicating with someone after they have left their body and that their spirit can visit them.

Superstitions About Death

Some believe that death comes in three’s. Sometimes this happens but sometimes it doesn’t. This is just something that is a superstition and if you see this situation in your life then you can know that statistically, there is no proof that this is true.

Can Dead People Feel?

Death of something doesn’t have to be physical death and it can be death of a friendship or other kind of relationship. With this kind of death, you can still talk to that person if you make an effort. Those that want to talk to those that have physically died will do what it takes sometimes to reach out to the dead.

Some people believe that their dead loved ones can feel them and can feel love after they died. This is just one of the beliefs that people have. Some believe that the dead still have a real connection with those that are living.

In parts of America and in China, there are beliefs that the dead spirits will visit homes. Even in Mexico, this is a special day, “The Day of the Dead,” that people believe that the spirits come to visit during that time.

In the British Isles and in the United States, people celebrate Halloween or Samhain, which is a time that they believe that the veil between death and life is open, and this is a time that the spirits can come.

There are different beliefs when it comes to people dying and communicating with the dead. While some believe that this is real and you can do that, others believe that you should show your respect to the dead and let them move on to the afterlife.

What Happens When Your Spouse Dies?

People that have been married for a long or even short times often have a hard time moving on after their loved one dies. When this happens, some people think that they can find love again, but others will end up not dating because they want to keep the memory of their spouse alive with them.

Saying goodbye to someone that you have been with for a long time can be hard and it can be hard to think of being with someone new. Some even think of this as cheating. After someone dies, it can be hard to decide if you want to find a new spouse or if you would be better off without love.

Having children with your spouse that dies might make it harder to find a new spouse, but you can always share your love with your family and with your friends. You can share the love of people even if it isn’t romantic love. This is a love that is needed when someone dies.

Your spouse would want you to be happy even if it meant that you would find someone else to love.

Tarot Cards

If you like getting tarot card readings, there is one card that might come up that can make you fearful. That is the Death card. This card doesn’t mean a physical death, but it can mean that some kind of death is coming in your life such as death of a job or death of finances. The Death card can have different meanings depending on if it is right side up or reversed.

  • Death Card Right Side Up

When the Death card is right side up, it can mean that you need to let go of the past and be ready for changes. Just like a tree dies and loses its leaves, you can lose something but then something better can come back later.

You need to let growth come and get rid of old patterns that are holding you back. If your relationship has grown cold, it might be a time to break up with them and to try to find happiness in someone else.

  • Death Card Reversed

The Death card reversed can mean that you haven’t moved on or you haven’t changed, and you are holding up things that are necessary to better your life. Change can be scary and when change comes in relationships or in finances, it can be even scarier. It is okay to fear change but that doesn’t mean that you don’t embrace it.

Communicating with a Dead Loved One

If you want to talk to someone that has died, there are different thing that you can do to reach out to them, here are some of the ways:

  • Talk

Try talking to your dead loved one. If their spirit is there with you then they will try to communicate back with you. You can talk to them like you are talking to someone that is standing there next to you.

  • Write a Letter

Another way that you can communicate with your dead loved one is to write them a letter. Tell them things that you wanted to tell them and write them down. Write down anything that is on your heart and mind and then let it go.

Take the letter to their favorite place and let the wind take it to them. Let the message go to the spiritual place that they are.

  • Respect Them

If your loved one died and they had plans that were unfinished, try and finish the plans. Try and respect the wishes that they had before they died. If you plan on taking a vacation together, try and take that vacation on your own, or if they wanted to see their child graduate, make sure that you honor that and you go to the graduation and celebrate it.

Honoring the different wishes that they had can make a connection with them that bring you peace and joy.

  • Show Their Values

Show off the values of the loved one that has died. If your loved one loves to take in homeless pets, pay your respects to them by volunteering at a shelter or by giving a donation. Do things that they have loved and do things that they always did for others.

Celebrate the holidays like they liked it. If they loved baking and giving away cookies, you make sure that you do the same thing.

  • Go to Their Grave

Take time and go visit their grave. You can take flowers and decorate it and you can show them that you still care about them. You might want to plant some flowers, or you might want to just sit at the cemetery and talk to them.

  • Make an Altar

Some people will create an altar when they lose someone that they love. This is sometimes called an Ancestor altar. This can be a space in your house where you put things on the table that they loved and that they cherished.

Some people will put pictures, some will burn candles and incense and others will use the altar to say their prayers on. You can even leave gifts on the altar for them if you want to do that. This should be a sacred place where you can communicate with them.

How Do They Communicate?

There are different ways that spirits can communicate with people that are still alive and here are some of the ways:


One of the easiest ways that you can communicate with your dead loved one is in dreams. This is a time that you are relaxed, and your mind is more open. Notice the dreams and even take time to write them down if you feel that you were visited by someone you love.

Signs and Symbols

Another way that your dead loved one might communicate with you is through signs and symbols. If there is something that is showing up that your loved one always loved, like a butterfly, this could be a sign that they are trying to show you that they are okay.

Other people will see signs such as pictures, hearing songs on the radio, sayings that someone you loved would often say, feathers, coins, a smell that they would smell like or other things. Pay attention to these signs.

  • Feelings

When you are feeling comfortable out of nowhere and when you feel that you are loved and taken care of, this can mean that your loved one is there with you in spirit. When they bring peace and hope into your life, this can be a sign that they are there with you.

  • Talking to a Medium

There are different psychics online that you can talk to that can help you to communicate with your dead loved ones. Mediums are psychics that can reach into the spiritual world and help you to get the closure that you need.

A medium might use different tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, automatic writing, or other things to be able to reach your dead loved one. Find one that is real and one that is reputable and get the reading that can bring you peace and hope.

Final Thoughts

Your loved one might have died from their body, but some believe that their soul is still there to see you and to communicate with you. Try the things above and see if you can communicate with them. When they respond to you, most likely you will know, and you will get the peace that you need to move forward in your life.

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  1. The concept of communicating with the deceased is deeply rooted in various cultural and spiritual traditions worldwide. It’s intriguing to note how different societies have established rituals and beliefs around this. For instance, ‘The Day of the Dead’ in Mexico and Samhain in the British Isles offer fascinating insights into how people honor their ancestors and maintain a connection with them. Moreover, the use of tarot cards, particularly the Death card, as a symbolic tool for interpreting life’s changes, underscores the multifaceted nature of death in human consciousness. This article offers a thoughtful exploration of both the metaphysical and emotional dimensions of death, making it a valuable read for those interested in esoteric practices and the human psyche’s complexities surrounding loss.

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