Opening Up Your Intuition

Opening Your Intuition

Everyone has some kind of psychic gifts. When you know things about someone without being told, this can be your intuition. Maybe you get mad because you pick up on certain feelings or emotions of others or maybe you know that you aren’t supposed to do something. Your intuition is there to guide you.

When you believe that you know something and you have a feeling in your gut, this is intuition. The thing about intuition is that it isn’t there to judge you or put you down, but it helps you to live your best life.

Opening Your Intuition

Here are some ways you can open up your intuition:

  • Go Out in Nature

You can increase your intuition by getting off your electronics and going out in nature. This can help to give you less worry or fear and take away stress. This can give you calmness and help you to take time to be quiet.

Sit down on the grass, put your feet in the dirt or just breathe the air into your body. Listen to your body and how it makes you feel outside.

  • Red Flags

Listen to the red flags that you see and don’t ignore them. By seeing red flags, you will be able to see that you can know someone and know when someone isn’t behaving correctly. Don’t justify the way that someone acts but learn to pick up on these things and be smart.

Notice the red flags and see how they make you feel. Sometimes red flags aren’t that big of a deal but sometimes they should be deal breakers. Notice them and pay attention. Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Dreaming

There are some dreams that are there because you are just dreaming about your day, but some dreams have messages for you. Pay attention to what the dream makes you feel. Take time to write down the dream in as much detail as you can, and this can help you to be able to go back to your dream later.

The more you write your dreams down the better you will be able to remember them.

  • Embrace Your Inner Child

Sometimes people miss out on their intuition because they think that they have to act like adults constantly. It’s okay to feel like a child sometimes and to embrace your childlike mind. Color, scrapbook, listen to music and dance and just have fun. Be innocent and find joy in your day.

  • Try Reading People

You can learn a lot about someone when you look and pay attention to them. Notice how they are around other people and the impressions that they make on you. Keep your mind and your eyes open.

  • Try Something New

Stop following the same routine over and over and do something different. Take a short vacation, go out for the weekend, do something that you wouldn’t do and just be open to discovering new things.

  • Take Action

Take action when your intuition tells you something. Learn to listen to yourself more and when you get this inner wisdom, do what it tells you to do. The more you honor yourself the more you will know and the more you will trust it. Be committed to listening to your intuition and you will see that it will open and grow.

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  1. The article astutely describes the multifaceted nature of intuition, emphasizing its role as an inner guide. The suggestions presented, such as connecting with nature or embracing one’s inner child, are scientifically supported ways to reduce stress and enhance cognitive functions. It’s fascinating how paying heed to red flags or dreams can align with Jungian theories of the unconscious. Indeed, a holistic approach combining mindful living with introspective practices can significantly refine one’s intuitive abilities.

  2. The importance of interpreting dreams as messages from our subconscious is an interesting viewpoint, but it requires a level of self-awareness not everyone possesses.

    • Indeed, reflective practices like dream interpretation can help us delve deeper into our psyche and improve our emotional intelligence.

    • You may be right, but wouldn’t learning to interpret our dreams just enhance our self-awareness? It’s a skill worth developing.

  3. While the concept of enhancing intuition is intriguing, it’s critical to approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism. Balancing intuition with logical reasoning should be our goal.

  4. Oh, sure, let’s all go sit in the dirt and ’embrace our inner child.’ That will definitely solve all our adult problems. This article sounds like it was written by someone who never had to pay bills or deal with real-life stress!

  5. What a beautifully written piece! It’s inspiring to be reminded of the power of intuition and the importance of listening to our inner selves. The tips provided are practical and can truly make a difference in connecting with our instincts.

  6. I’m skeptical about this whole intuition thing. It feels a bit too ‘new age’ for my taste. How can we rely on something as abstract as a ‘gut feeling’ when making decisions?

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