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Psychics who use crystal gazing are often asked to help with relationships. However, astrology may help you better understand what lies in store for you.  Most people only look at Venus and Mars.  Juno is a space rock that can also guide you to a long term relationships. 

But who is Juno?

Juno is a Roman Goddess. She was the sister of Jupiter who guided marriage and female sexuality.  She helped women through the marriage rites.  She was loyal and beautiful and epitomized the ideal wife. The month of June, which is favored for weddings, is named for her.

In the chart of astrology, Juno describes your personal ability to  relate to others and where your compatibility lies.  Both men and women are affected by Juno’s energy.

Juno merely wants to mate, while Venus and Mars want to date.

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On the astrological chart, Venus and Mars both symbolize relationships. Venus is assigned to the female while, Mars is seen as a symbol of sexual expression which can be interpreted as a sign of masculinity.  These planets determine who you are attracted to and who you are likely to date.

However, they do not signify who you mate with for life. This job is assigned to Juno.

Women can be married to someone to whom they are attracted, but do not feel that they are deeply connected. They may leave this relationship to align themselves with someone else who does not fulfill them.   They can get caught in a cycle like this over and over until they find another way.  Finding out where Juno is for her personally can lead her to the right partner.  Once they find what they truly need, they can begin looking for the right one.

Acknowledging Juno can help refresh existing relationships.  An astrologer can help you determine where Juno is in your sign so that you can deepen the connection by understanding similar interests.

You can combine astrology with a psychic reading.

When your astrologer creates your chart, you can see what Juno has to tell you about what is lacking in your relationships.  It will give you a clarity that you have not had in the past. Your psychic can also use this to help picture your potential partners.  With Juno, it is easier to focus on what is best for you.   The more tools at your psychic’s disposal, the better.

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