Knowing the Different Types of Intuition

Different Types of Intuition

There are four different types of intuition. Intuition is something that you experience that means that you are given communication at any time in your life.

You can increase your intuition and you can open this up to yourself so that you can live your best life. Once you learn to communicate, you will see that your soul will take a different step in life.

Teaching people to reach their intuition is one of the best things that a psychic can do. If you want to increase your spirituality and you want to get your intuition stronger, you can let your soul lead you to the right path. If you want to develop your intuition, you can do this by working hard.


A person that is clairvoyance has the intuition to see things. They are able to see things in life without using their eyes. They see things and no one is really sure how they do it. This comes through messages and visions and can be through signs.

Some people will have this gift and they don’t even realize it. When they do meditation, they can see things in front of them and they are using these abilities that they have.

If you wonder if you are clairvoyant, you will be able to know what people have and what they are doing. Everyone is in a different place in life and even if they want the same thing, they have to work harder at it.


Someone that is claircognizant has the power to know things without being told. No one will tell them and there is no rational reason that the information comes to them. They have feelings and things seem to make sense, but they don’t know how they know. The gut will give them the feelings and the instinct that they need to know the things that they know.

Sometimes they just know when things are right or wrong or what is going to happen and there is no information on it. The deeper that you listen and trust your intuition, the more that you can use this power in your life.


The next intuition power is clairsentience. This means that you can feel things but not with your body. You are able to pick up on energies and information around you.

You can do this, and you can use this power to heal others. There are often blockages around your energy field and these blockages can sometimes be in control. If you want to see someone, get healed, you have to learn to open up the energies and the emotions and then you will be able to help others.

Clairsentience people are often very sensitive, and they are often empaths. This means they are able to pick up the energies of those around them. These feelings might not be yours and sometimes it is hard to figure out and release these energies.

Ask yourself if your energies are yours and if you are angry, sad, or upset or if they are the feelings of someone around you? Being a clairsentient means you can give wisdom to people around you and you can be more aware of what is going on in your life.


A clairaudient person is able to hear things in their mind or in their soul. They are able to often hear voices and to speak with their spirit guides.

A clairaudient is one of the main intuitions and this is something that you hear on the outside of you. Some people with this gift are confused because of how they heart the messages. The intuition will help them to reach their higher self and you have to learn to have discernment if you have this gift.

Clairaudience people can hear whispers that go something like this:

  • Turn here instead.
  • Sit here.
  • Go back and read that again.
  • Do not go down that pathway.

A person with clairaudience will have messages that come in the form of emotions but not with judgement. Your mind will do things to protect you and to keep you safe.

Pay attention to how you see your intuition and how you are talked to. Let your higher self-come out and learn to talk to your guides and your higher power.

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  1. For those interested in psychical research and parapsychology, this article could serve as an introductory reference. Each type of intuition—clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience—has been studied under various experimental conditions, though results have been inconclusive. It would be prudent to consult peer-reviewed literature for a more rigorous examination.

  2. While the article is intriguing, it’s worth debating the reliability of subjective experiences as a source of truth. Can we truly rely on our ‘intuition’ when it so often falls prey to cognitive biases and errors? The scientific method provides a more dependable way to understand our world, although that doesn’t mean we should completely dismiss the role of intuition.

  3. Honestly, this reads like a collection of pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo. There’s no empirical evidence to support the existence of these ‘intuitive powers.’ It’s a nice story for those who want to believe in something magical, but let’s not confuse it with factual information.

  4. Oh great, now I’m going to start questioning whether my gut feeling about skipping lunch today was actually claircognizance at work. Maybe my next car purchase will be guided by clairvoyance. Who needs Consumer Reports when you have inner whispers and mystical visions, right?

  5. Fascinating! I have always believed in the power of intuition, and this article provides a thorough exploration of its different forms. It’s inspiring to think that we can develop these gifts through practice and self-awareness. Clairaudience in particular resonates with me since I often feel guided by inner whispers.


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