Mantras to Use for Meditation

Mantras to Use for Meditation

Most people in the world are wanting to get rid of their stress and anxiety. People have a hard time relaxing and a hard time living a happy life. They work all week and the rest on the weekends never seems to be enough. Even going on vacation and coming back to the real world can be stressful.

Practicing meditation for at least a few minutes each day can help you to be in control of your stress and help you to be happier in your life. It can help you to learn to relax.

What is Meditation Mantra?

Meditation is a way that you can be at peace in your life. You can learn to focus on your life and what you need. This can help you to relax, lose weight and to sleep better.

Using a mantra can help you to clear your mind with noise and it can be positive to help you see things differently in the world. When you repeat your mantra, you allow your mind to help you to overcome things and to reach your goals.

Best Mantras for Meditation

Using a mantra can help you to get rid of thoughts that are clouding your mind. This can help you to concentrate on something positive in your life. Choose the mantra or the chant that you want to say. Pick one that draws you in and one that helps you to understand your life. The universe will help you when you meditate.

If you are having a hard time with mind chatter, learn to let your senses out by writing things down. You can go from chanting to whispering or you can do this silently. Pick which one works best for you.

Om or Aum

Om is a cry that means to become something. This is a mantra that is used by many people. It is a sound that works with the universe and has to do with reincarnation. This is a popular chant because it has 432 hertz in the universe and can increase your vibrations and help you to be calm.

Om Namah Shivaya

This means to bow down to Shivaya which is a god of change. This is a Hindu mantra and is popular. It has a five syllable make up and was started by Krishna Yajurveda.

The syllables are Na, Ma, Si, Va, and Ya. These are there to represent the sky and to bring you closer to nature.

Hare Krishna

This mantra is just repeating Hare Krishna over and over again. You can say Rama as well and repeat it over again. This works with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and helps you to be part of the temple and the Hindu culture.

This is a movement that people know in different ways and is a faith unity.

I am that I am Chant

Chanting I am that I am is popular to affirm that you are important. When you meditate you can say “ham” which is short for I am that I am. This can help you to know your feelings and to have sensations in your body.

Aham-Prema Chant

This mantra is meaning of divine love. This helps you to find love in yourself and to have unconditional love for who you are. This can help you to have appreciation for yourself and thankfulness for the universe.

This mantra helps you to forgive and put the past behind you.

Ho’oponopono Chant

This mantra means I love you or please forgive me. This is for people that have to deal with unforgiveness and anger in their life. Saying this can help you too forgive and to see that you are not perfect but that you want to have a new start in life.

Om Mani Padme Hum

This chant is Tibetan and can show compassion to others. This is the sound Om and represents energy that you feel and can give you the needs that you have in your spirit and in your body.

The word Ni helps you to get rid of the fear that you have so that you can reach your desires and get rid of hate.

Buddho Chant

This chant is associated with Mahayana and is a Buddhist chant. This is how you repeat phrases, and it helps you to be kind to others. Buddho means that you can love yourself and have harmony with the spirit world.

Lumen de Lumine

This chant is there to bring light to your life. When the world is dark, this chant can bring energy and light to you and help you to feel better about who you are. This chant will bring you balance and peace.

When you say this mantra, it can help you to be strong and confident in yourself. This can be used by anyone and can bring positive energies.

Sat, Chit, Ananda Chant

This is also called the Satchitananda chant and is a Sanskrit chant that helps you to know and to acknowledge an idea that you have in your life. This chant can bring you peace and happiness and power.


The mantras can help you to figure out your ideas and your beliefs and help you to consider what is going on in your life. This is an ancient tradition, and you can even create your own chants. Here is how:

  • Write down words that you can say that you can repeat over and over again.
  • Make sure the word has a meaning such as joy or peace.
  • Use this mantra when you are worried and when you want peace.
  • Repeat this over and over so that you can learn to get rid of mind chatter.

You can chant so that you can allow light to come into your life. Doing this can take away any guilt that you have and bring you peace and give you strength. By chanting, you can work towards reaching your goals and show yourself love and power.

Past, Present and Future Life

You will eventually be in the past as you live in the present. You have to liberate yourself from hurt that you have had in your past and learn to focus on what the world has to give you.

Chanting and using mantras can help you to be one with the universe and help you to be at peace in your life. Imagine how you feel after you chant and let go of things that bring you pain.

Existing Now

You can learn to expand yourself and your life and you can learn to figure out who you are. Use your mind and your body to expand your feelings and know that you are meant to be part of the universe.

Love Everything

Love can help to bring healing to your life and your soul. Imagine things in your life that you want to love and that you want to be close to. You will feel your surroundings and you will know that love can bring light and beauty to your life.

Have Faith

Believe in yourself and the world around you to take care of you. Give your feelings to the universe and learn to belong. Let yourself know what you are made of and look at the stars and the planets.

Know that you belong where you are, and you are there to give peace and harmony to those around you. Be successful in your meditation because you know that this is what the universe wants. This is something that has been around for years, and you are just an extension of that.


Do not let yourself be intimidated when you want to do mantras. Do it anyways even when you are afraid. Mantras can help you to be stronger and to not be afraid of the world around you. Be brave.

Find Comfort

Find a place to sit that allows you to be comfortable and let good energy fill your life. Let the weight of the world be released and learn to meditate and be happy.

Find a comfortable chair or a place that makes you smile. Meditate in your place that brings you peace. You can add candles or other things to it so it can be yours.

Be Yourself

When you meditate, do not try to do what others are doing but do yourself. Make your own chants and when you need to have an idea, use it. Do not depend on others and use their ideas but make meditating your own. If you are busy, fit in a time to meditate so that you can feel better.

Do It Like You Want

You don’t have to be a master to meditate. Create your own meditation technique and be happy with it. Know what you want and set intentions. Concentrate on what you are wanting to get out of it and let it bring you peace and happiness.


Make habits of meditating so that you can be at peace, and you can have fun with it. Put on the same music and the same clothes. Sit in the same position and learn to concentrate on relaxing.


Learn about different cultures of meditation and allow that to be part of your life. There are different cultures all over the world that do different kinds of chanting and meditation. This helps them to have a clear mind and a clear heart. Which culture fits the kind of meditation or chanting that you like?


Meditation can work to give you peace and to help you relax. You can go for different kinds of meditation and there is no right or wrong.

Remember that whatever kind of meditation you choose, let it change you and let it open up your conscious mind. Learn to create a world around you that brings you peace and joy.

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