Protection from Negative Energy

Protection from Negative Energy

You will learn that as you go on your spiritual journey that you have to learn to shield your energy from negative energy coming into you. This is especially important if you are a psychic and you work with clients. You will realize that you can pick up on the energies of others that are both positive and negative.

As you meet with clients, you will connect more with their energies. This can happen even if you are just at a regular job, as well. As you connect with their energies, you might find that they have negative energy that can leave you feeling tired, drained, dizzy, or other things.

When you come upon this energy, you have to realize that you have to have a way to protect yourself from this kind of negative energy. If you are a psychic and you are doing readings, you will discover that the energy will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Anger and Other Negative Feelings

Being around people that are sad, angry, or upset can leave you feeling physically sick. You will see that this can change depending on what or who you are by. The energy that is inside of you can come from the people that you are around and the energy that you experience from them.

After you experience this energy, you will see that you have to protect yourself. You can do this by shielding yourself. There are different ways that you can shield yourself and you have to find the right technique for you.

Coin Shielding

Coin shielding is one technique that you can use to protect or shield yourself from negative energy. This is a shield that has five different layers. Here are the layers:

  • Cylindrical tube: This is energy that is silver in color. It is like a tube that is surrounding you and you can imagine your body inside of this tube and the tube going from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.
  • Golden ribbon: This is a spiraling ribbon that covers your whole body. It will take a protective golden light from the bottom of your feet, and it will move up your body at least five times in a spiral motion while it is protecting your energies.
  • Silver ribbon: This is the same as the golden ribbon, but it goes the opposite direction, and it has a silver ball that spins.
  • Hoop: This is a circle that is like a large hoola hoop. This will help you to be strong and it grows itself to be stronger as you visualize it going up your body. It will move faster and faster until you can no longer tell that it is a hoop because it is moving too quickly.
  • Another hoop: This is just like the first hoop, but it spins in the opposite direction.

Energy Shield Work

You have to make sure that you are very detailed when you want to be effective in getting your body shielded form negative energy. This means that you need to make sure that you put on all five of the layers of protection.

Shielding can be used for simple things or for bigger things. You can also just imagine a bubble surrounding your or a light ball of energy flowing around you. Some will use mirrors around themselves to get rid of negative energy by facing the mirror away from you to push the energy away.

Find the right way for you to do your energy work and get started protecting yourself from negative energies.

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