Using Magic Chants to Soothe the Soul

Using Magic Chants to Soothe the Soul

Do you feel exhausted most of the time and your body, soul, feelings, and energy are fully damaged? Are you physically and spiritually drained? Are you feeling exhausted to the point of breaking down?

Does that sound like you?

If you’re suffering from any of the effects listed above, your chances of being drained, in body, mind, and spirit are extremely high.

But did you know that your voice can help you heal your body and soul? Chanting is a good technique to clear your mind and project your vibes.

The power of human voice!

The human voice can produce a wide range of vocalizations, such as talking, singing, laughing, crying, and screaming and each of these sounds has its own unique tone, volume, pitch, and rhythm.

Human voice is very unique because every human voice has its own vocal fingerprint which can be recognized and be able to make a strong impression even if it’s not heard for years. It has a very strong and variable frequency and it’s capable of producing highly sophisticated language.

And it is obvious that the sense of hearing is not required to have a good musical taste, and the proof is that even people with deafness can actually seem to taste music. They also may be composers like Ludwig van Beethoven that they love to listen to.

Strong vibrations caused by very loud sounds can be felt by the human body. You can also hear a noise coming from your window’s glass when it’s affected by loud sounds, meaning it’s affected physically by sonic vibration.

Now we know that sound causes invisible vibrations which affects our body physically and makes us feel like our body is shaking.  Repetitive sounds like sea waves, or a song you hear over and over, can hold a very special place in your heart, body, mind, and soul.

What is chanting?

Chanting is a rhythmical repetition either of a song, prayer, word, or sound. It is one of the most well-known spiritual practices and a part of most religions and spiritual growth.

Tibetan monks are known for being skilled at throat-singing, which is a specialized form of chanting, and it is also known as harmonic chant.

Each monk can chant three notes at the same time. This three notes chanting is done through a process called circular breathing. It’s believed that chanting can improve listening skills, heighten energy, and even increase sensitivity toward others.

Chanting during a yoga practice helps deepen your concentration and devotion, it also helps calm the mind and improve the awareness. Chanting opens the heart and calms the mind; and offers the benefits of a yoga practice or meditation, without the struggle to concentrate.

It seems that there is still much to be revealed about the power of chanting, but chanting is not only about religion and spirituality, rather it is a combination of your voice, breath and rhythm that helps you soothe your soul and energy. It has great effects not only on your soul, but also on your body.

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