Finding Yourself in Wrong Relationships?

Wrong Relationships

Do you seem doomed to be unlucky in love? Do you constantly choose the wrong person? Is it just bad luck, bad taste or are you stuck in karmic loop? It may be all of those things, but it is also possible that you are responding to a pattern of behavior that is part of your character makeup. This is an outcome of dysfunction in your childhood.

There is a metaphysical teaching that prescribes “Complete or repeat” What this means is that your soul is trying to learn a lesson and if you don’t learn the lesson or complete the cycle, you are doomed to repeat the lesson until you get it right This may be happening to you if you find yourself in similar romantic circumstances time and again.

Learn how to love yourself.

The next time you are shaking your head over an unfaithful partner, ask yourself if you are settling. Do you keep returning to this type of relationship because you don’t think you deserve better?

Tell yourself that you are worth love and care and only deserve the best.  Identify the problem and work on the solution. This may be what you need to break yourself out of the pattern.

Find ways to love yourself such as:

  • Smile more.
  • Get a new hobby.
  • Take a class.
  • Find a new job.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Make new friends.
  • Visit family.
  • Chant.
  • Journal your feelings.

Getting to the Root of the Matter

You may want to contact a psychic to help you identify the behavior and patterns that are driving you to weak relationships.  They can also guide you towards the necessary resources to healing.   These resources include:

  • Support groups.
  • Psychologists.
  • Meditation.

Develop a connection to your own wisdom. Explore your contact with your consciousness by keeping a journal and meditating.  This will help you become more mindful to your existing patterns and will lead to a better understanding of yourself so that you may find the life and love you deserve.

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  1. This article is quite enlightening! It’s fascinating how our childhood experiences can influence our adult relationships. The ‘Complete or repeat’ concept is something I’ll definitely delve deeper into. Self-love really is the key to breaking unhealthy patterns. Thank you for these insightful suggestions!

  2. The premise seems somewhat simplistic. While it’s true that childhood experiences can shape adult relationships, the article overlooks the complexity of human emotions and relationships. And consulting a psychic? I would rather invest time in scientifically-proven therapeutic approaches.

    • You both have valid points. The concept has its merits in encouraging self-reflection, but it’s essential to ground such advice within the framework of psychological evidence and factual data.

    • Catherine, I wholeheartedly agree. The ‘Complete or repeat’ idea has merit, but the reliance on psychics is concerning. More grounded, evidence-based strategies should be the focus.

  3. Oh, sure! Because chanting and visiting family is going to magically make all your relationship woes disappear! 😂 And let’s not forget the psychic hotline! What a ‘brilliant’ plan to improve our love lives. This is hilarious!

  4. I beg to differ. The idea that a psychic can help identify patterns in relationships seems absurd. Why not rely on psychology and science-based solutions instead? We should focus on evidence-based methods rather than metaphysical teachings.

  5. I’m intrigued by the idea of ‘Complete or repeat.’ It aligns well with some psychological theories regarding learned behaviors from childhood. However, while the article lists interesting self-improvement tips, I’d be cautious about seeking advice from psychics. Sticking to support groups and licensed psychologists might be more beneficial.


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