Generosity Pays Back Good Karma

Pays Back Good Karma

Every year, we are encouraged to get in touch with our generosity and share with others during holidays like thanksgiving or Christmas. Very often this is the season when non-profit groups and other charities receive the bulk of the donations that carry them throughout the year.

However, what will happen if you get in touch with the spirit of generosity throughout the year in all areas of your life?

Cultivating abundance in your life will come when you devote your time and consideration to the spirit of generosity. By focusing on the state of your generosity, and working to expand your personal reserves of generosity, you have the ability to change the world.

Much like it is possible to cultivate a practice of gratitude, mindfulness, or exercise, it is possible to practice generosity. A generous heart has little to do with your wallet and more to do with the time, attention, and care that you show to others. As you start to open your heart, don’t be surprised at the abundance of love that returns to you.

These tips will help you get in touch with your generous nature.

Get Started Locally

Generosity begins at home, and the incredible effects ripple out into the world at large. What can you do at home to act more generously? Try being more generous with your partner or your children. Don’t be surprised at how quickly an unexpected gift of time or affection can change the entire atmosphere of your home.

It can be overwhelming to figure out where and how to start helping when you are ready to share your gifts with the larger world. Take the time for self-reflection and pinpoint what you want to do and how you can do it. Find others in the local community who share the same goals as you and join forces. By spreading your generosity in your local community, you will see results and that can inspire you to keep going!

Give Without Expectation

One of the more difficult elements of generosity is giving without expectation of returns. Stop asking what is in it for you and start asking what others need and how can I help. Giving without expectation also helps you not give more than you can truly afford.

Whether you are giving time, money, or other gifts, you should practice giving freely with an open heart. While the person you are giving to may never be in a situation to return the favor, the universe has a way of returning the favor.

Get Creative with Giving

Generosity doesn’t have to come in the form of a check or monetary donation. You can be generous with your time and abilities. If like many of us you have a tight budget, you can still give to the causes that matter most to you, you just have to get creative about it.

Ask yourself what do you have to give? Do you have any time to donate or unique talents that can help your cause get ahead? It takes time, money, and effort to make a difference. What do you have to contribute?

While many people are inspired to get in touch with their generosity during the holidays, it’s important to act on it throughout the year. You just might amaze yourself when you follow where your generosity leads.