The Importance of Full Moons

The Importance of Full Moons

The moon takes 28 to 29 days to make a full cycle, and this is when the moon appears at its most lit and fullest time. This is called the Full Moon Day. The full moon can affect people and animals, and everyone seems to act strangely when the moon is full.

Sometimes, during a full moon, people have troubles sleeping and some will act mentally unstable. Some people love it when the moon is full, and it makes them feel strong and stable. There have been people that use the full moon to figure out the seasons and the times. The full moons come at different months and have different names and each of them are important.

Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon is a January moon, and it is also called the Hunger or the Cold Moon. This is when the wolves will go around and look for food after the winter months. This is a symbolic moon because it can mean that you can face challenges and be strong.

Snow Moon

The February Snow Moon is also called the Quickening Moon. This is a time where food is hard to find because of the snow and this is a time where people hope that the spring will come quickly.

Worm Moon

The Worm Moon, which is in March, is also called the Sap or the Crust Moon. This is the last winter full moon, and the snow will start to melt and become crunchy. This is where worms come out and they crawl on the ground and where sap begins to flow from maple trees.

This month will teach you to live your life to your best abilities but to let things happen as they may.

Pink Moon

The April Pink Moon is also called an Egg and Sprouting Grass Moon. This is named because of moss that comes out in the spring and flowers that come out in the spring. The moon symbolizes fertility.

Flower Moon

The Flower Moon is a May moon, and this is a time when people start planning corn and other things. This is when Summer is on its way and spring is coming. This moon is also called Corn Planting and Milk moon.

Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry, Rose or Strong Moon is a June moon. This is when it is the best time to plant your strawberries. You can reach your spiritual self during this time.

Buck Moon

The Buck Moon is a July moon, and it is also called Hay or Thunder Moon. This is a time where the Buck Deer will get their antlers and they will grow out their fur.

During this time there are often thunderstorms, but these can be blessings. Don’t get lazy during this time and remember to keep pushing forward.

Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon Moon is one that will remind you of nature such as fish and corn. It is also called the Red and the Green Corn Moon. This is a time where dogs and wolves will act wild and disconnected.

Corn Moon

The September Corn Moon is also called the Harvest or the Barley Moon. This is the time after the Autumn equinox. This moon lets farmers be able to see things during the harvest when they work late.

Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon is an October Moon and is a time where the grass begins to die, and the moon is very big. This can help hunters to be able to see to find food and they can store the meat for when times get hard in the winter.

Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon or the Mourning or Full Frost Moon happens in November. This happens before everything’s tarts really freeze over. This reminds you that you need to mourn the things that you have lost at this time but to take time to heal.

Cold Moon

The Cold Moon was found in December and is also called the Long Night or the Oak Moon. This can show you that the end of the year was successful, and that the new year is about to come.

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