Choosing Your Reincarnation to Earth

Reincarnation to Earth

Reincarnation is when your soul goes from lifetime to lifetime. Some will choose to go to different dimensions while others will choose to go back to Earth again. The soul will keep going to places where they will learn a lesson and sometimes your guides will play a role in where you go.

Once your soul decides it wants to return to the Earth as its next reincarnation, it will meet with the spirit guides that will help to make a plan. Some of these guides have been with the person for many different lifetimes and some are guides that they have never met before. These guides will help them to learn different lessons and to assist them in returning back to Earth.

Different Experiences

People will go through different experiences so that they can have their soul to grow to the place that it needs to be. As the past life is looked at, the soul will want to try different places, people, and things that they will experience. Some will choose a different kind of family while others will choose to reincarnate to a different culture or a different social status. This can depend on what the person believes in.

The soul will go through different stages of growth, and this means that they will experience different things and places during their lifetimes.

Soul Change

The soul will change as the reincarnation takes place. There will be time for growth and time for the soul to learn different things. Different mentors and teachers will come along that will teach them what is best in their life. It can be hard to imagine the life that was chosen by ourselves because we don’t remember this once our life starts new.

You are the one that will create the world that you are living in and each adventure that you take will allow you to have a new outlook on your life. Find out how you can handle each situation and figure out how to live your life with each new lesson.

What You Choose

You are the one that gets to choose what kind of body that you have and if you are going to be a male or female. You get to choose where you are going, if you are attractive, handicapped, strong or what your body type will be. All of these things will teach you a new lesson each time.

You might decide that in this round you will be a model and you will be confident in your body. Or you might choose to be poor. This might come as a lesson in being judged or to figure out how you will deal with the mistreatment of others.

What if you choose to be disabled so that you could learn how to show compassion to people that you meet in other lifetimes. Whatever you choose to reincarnate into is up to you and you get to decide these things along the way.

You will have a soul family that will include people such as your parents, your brothers and sisters, your family and even the friends that you will meet over the course of time. You will see the different lifetimes that you will go through, will be new lessons and you will experience easy and hard things.

Forgetting the Past

As you reincarnate, you will forget the past lives that you have lived. You can revisit these if you access your Akashic Records but until that point, you will live your life with both joy and sorrow and you will surround yourself with new and exciting things.

Final Thoughts

As you choose to go back to earth, learn to live your best life. Enjoy your life to the fullest and let go of things that will cause you not to grow. Get rid of anger, jealousy, hurt and other harmful things and replace it with joy, peace, love, and gratitude. Your soul will live forever, and you can learn your life lessons as you move throughout your lifetimes.

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  1. What a profound and thought-provoking article! The concept of reincarnation and choosing our life circumstances to learn specific lessons is truly empowering. It gives a deeper meaning to our struggles and triumphs, framing them as integral parts of our soul’s growth. I will definitely reflect on this perspective as I navigate my own life journey.

  2. Oh, wonderful! So, in my previous life, I decided to come back as someone who would read the same ‘live your best life’ advice for the millionth time. Ever thought about how convenient it is to blame all life’s misfortunes on some cosmic lesson plan? What a way to dodge personal accountability!

  3. The detailed explanation about spirit guides and reincarnation is intriguing. Many spiritual traditions across the globe have similar beliefs, suggesting a universal understanding of the soul’s journey. It would be beneficial to delve deeper into the Akashic Records as mentioned, as this seems to be a cornerstone in recalling past lives.

  4. So, let me get this straight: I chose to be an accountant who spends most of my day staring at spreadsheets? Fascinating! I must have been having a particularly masochistic day when making that decision. Jokes aside, the idea of choosing our paths and challenges does add a unique flavor to how we perceive our lives.

  5. This article seems like a convenient way to justify the injustices and inequalities in the world. Saying that people choose to be poor or disabled to learn lessons is dismissive and trivializes real struggles. It’s a rather idealistic view that doesn’t align with the harsh reality that many face daily. Not everything can be brushed off as a soul lesson.


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