Understanding a Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Ball

Anyone who is a psychic or those that have different psychic gifts probably understand that a crystal ball is a tool of divination that is sometimes used. It has been around since ancient times and is a way that some readers can give information into a different universe or into the future.

A crystal ball is usually made of beryl or quartz an dis used to tell the future because it has strong energy. This ball needs to be smooth and should never be painted or have cracks or chips on it.

The crystal ball will be put on a table with a stand that is wooden, and the stand needs to have black paint or lacquer on it. The ball should be kept covered until the reading and no one should look at it.

The reader will be able to use their energies and the light that shines on the ball should only be from candles that are lit around the ball. Some will use incense while doing the reading to increase their energies, but others won’t.

Questions for the Crystal Ball

Before your reading, think about the questions that you have. These can be questions about your future, about love, about your purpose or whatever you want. The questions can be deep and can be questions that you have from your conscious mind. Remember that your conscious mind is where your dreams and your memories come from, and the crystal ball will read the deeper parts of yourself.

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What is keeping me from living my best life?
  • What am I fearful of?
  • What is my destiny?
  • What do I need right now?
  • What are my strengths?

Reading Your Own Crystal Ball

Here are some ways that you can do your own crystal ball reading at home:

  • Put something dark over a table and put your crystal ball right in the middle of the table.
  • Make sure the room is dark and that the windows are covered.
  • Light seven candles.
  • Look deep into the ball.
  • Ask questions that you want.
  • Wait for an image to show up.
  • Notice what kind of image it is.
  • Try to decipher the image and the symbols.
  • See if your questions got answered.

Final Thoughts

Crystal balls take time to practice. If you try this and you don’t see an image right away, don’t give up. Keep asking your questions until you get the answers. Ask your crystal ball to give you messages into the universe and to give you advice about your life.

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  1. Fascinating overview on the use of crystal balls! The historical continuity and the intricate details of their use really add depth to our understanding of psychic tools. It’s refreshing to see a methodical approach to something often shrouded in mystery.

  2. Oh sure, let me go find a mystical beryl ball, darken my room, light up seven candles and ask the universe why my coffee always turns cold. Maybe it will tell me how to avoid stepping on Legos too!

  3. It’s curious how crystal balls command such reverence in divination. The ritualistic aspect, like using candles and covering the ball until the session, seems more psychological than mystical. I’d argue the environment and mindset of the reader play a significant role.

  4. While crystal balls are often romanticized as mystical objects, their efficacy is highly debatable. Studies on the placebo effect suggest that belief in their power might influence outcomes more than the objects themselves. This article lacks a critical perspective on such claims.

  5. This is absolutely absurd! How can anyone genuinely believe that staring into a piece of quartz or beryl will reveal profound truths about the future? People need to rely on reason and science, not archaic superstitions.

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