Understanding Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is writing that comes from your unconscious mind. You begin to write things that come to your mind but the things that come to you are really from the spiritual world. These messages can come from:

  • Your spirit guides.
  • Your angels.
  • Your ancestors.
  • Other spirits.

What Do People Believe?

Some people believe that the messages of automatic writing come from the spiritual world and that the spirits want to give someone a message. Others believe that this is just a supernatural thing that happens to some people and not to others.

No matter what you believe about automatic writing and how it happens, the biggest thing to know is that it is a way to gain knowledge about who you are and to help you to reach your higher self.

Understanding Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is also called things like spirit writing. This happens when someone goes into a trance, and they begin writing things that come into their mind. This can happen and you will see that sometimes even the persons hand will move on its own as the words go onto the paper.

Some people that do automatic writing don’t even realize that they have written anything, and they don’t even know that they are writing when they are. A person that writes with automatic writing is someone that might not even write in the same handwriting that they use each day.

Automatic Writing Sessions

Automatic writers are people that are able to reach into the spiritual world and to get messages from the spirits. They are people that are sometimes psychics but not everyone that does this kind of writing doesn’t have to be psychic. Some are just regular people that go into a trance and are able to share these messages.

When there is someone that comes into a psychic reading, sometimes the psychic will go into a trance, and they will do this while holding a pen in their hand. They will put this on the paper, and they will ask the guides to give them a message. While in the trance, the psychic will be able to write down what the spirit guides are saying.

The psychic will let the message come to them and through them and they will write the message down until it is complete. This kind of automatic writing moves the hand and the arm, and the message comes in the form of writing. The messages are then given to the person getting the reading.

You can try to do your own automatic writing and once you understand the messages, you can become an expert at it.

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