How to Escape from Spying on His Ex

Spying on His Ex

Spying or stalking on your partner’s ex can be a scandalous topic. Why? Simply because no one, even you yourself wants to be spied on! But if there is a will, then there is a way. If you want to stalk his ex, there’s the internet. The internet will be your best bud! It can provide you almost all information that you need to know about anyone. Here’s how and I will also provide you ways on how to get away with it.

Your Will Power

If information on just about anyone is right out in the open for anyone to see, why shouldn’t you see it? Besides, you’re at the point where curiosity is driving you crazy—you just need to know. Who is his ex? What does she look like? Are you different or alike? Is she still interested in him? Does she still have pics of him on her social media pages? Here is what you can do.

Using Social Media

First, fire up the laptop—the easiest and often cheapest way to stalk someone is to do it on the Internet. Before you get started, consider building fake profiles for whatever site you stalk her on, so you can “friend” her for more information. Here are four social media sites to use:

This is your first go-to site. Using the Find feature (Ctrl + F on your keyboard), you can search your man’s name anywhere on the site. It’s actually a universal tool that can be used on just about any document or webpage. You can read her posts about him and see where he was tagged. You can also examine her photos, if she hasn’t blocked them from people who aren’t her Facebook friends.

This can be a treasure trove of information if her account is public. Not only can you find old pics and posts of their ex, but you can also get a good sense of who she is and what she’s into, based on what she posts and who she follows.

This website is like Facebook, but for business professionals. Make sure you’ve set your profile viewing to private mode so you can stalk with reckless abandon, and no one will be able to see who you are. You can learn a lot on LinkedIn, including what type of work the ex does, where she’s worked and for how long, and who her coworkers are.

A Google search is classic. A few keystrokes can pull up everything you’ve seen on these other sites and more, like if she has a criminal record, if she’s published articles, or any public announcements like births and marriages.

Bringing it to the Next Level

If the Internet feels limiting to you, and you want to do more, you have officially gone down the rabbit hole, just like Alice in Wonderland. Here’s a fifth way to stalk his ex:

Don a Trench coat, Wig, and Dark Sunglasses
You probably like to watch a lot of cop drama shows where cops or stalkers are parked across the street from someone’s house, just waiting for them to emerge. You could do that. Just remember to disguise yourself, cover your license plates or better yet, rent a car.

Before You Do It, Consider Your Karma

People seem to always be worried about their karma these days, and truth be told, stalking his ex could give you bad karma. Just because you know how to do something, and you’re curious, it doesn’t mean you should. In fact, stalking your significant other’s ex makes you look really insecure. And of course, you may learn things you didn’t really want to know.

Now You’re Keeping a Big Secret

Stalking their ex isn’t something to be proud of, so you’re probably going to keep it a secret from your significant other. That’s a pretty big secret and you could slip one day and reveal what you’ve been up to. Your significant other may see a side of you that they don’t really like—an insecure and jealous side. Ouch!

What Does It Really Matter?

Remember, they are broken up and he’s with you now, so his ex-doesn’t really matter. Who cares what she looks like or what she’s into—she’s history. It’s better for you to focus on your present instead.

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  1. Ah, yes, because dressing like a television detective and lurking in the shadows is the epitome of rational behavior. What’s next? Hacking her emails? This is sheer lunacy.

  2. This is deeply alarming. Encouraging such behavior only perpetuates a culture of invasion of privacy and insecurity. It’s not healthy or ethical to obsess over someone’s past relationships in this manner.

  3. While the methods listed are indeed effective, it brings to light a troubling ease with which private information can be accessed. This further underscores the need for stronger privacy protections online.

  4. Why stop at stalking his ex? Let’s recommend setting up a surveillance system to monitor his every move too. This is sarcasm, by the way, in case it wasn’t painfully obvious.

  5. Oh wonderful! Just what we need, a comprehensive guide to becoming a creepy stalker. As if the world isn’t already rife with enough trust issues and paranoia. Thanks for nothing.

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