Understanding the Rising and Moon Sign

Rising and Moon Sign

Your moon and rising sign will help you to know what your life is all about. You can find these things out by your birthday and the time of your birth. Your sun sign is where your personality is and what your soul is about and the moon sign helps you to understand your emotions and your heart. The rising sun is what is on the outside of you.

A person that asks you your sign is trying to find out what your sun sign is. This is part of your zodiac and has to do with the time that you were born. This determines what your life is about and if you are an introvert or an extrovert. It tells you if you are creative or if you are someone that is sensitive. Chances are that the astrological makeup of your life is more than just what your sun sign is because your other signs can tell you more about your dreams and your relationships.

What is the Moon Sign?

The moon sign tells you about who you are on the inside. It tells you about your emotions and your fears and about how you feel about things like love. This is also where your mood comes from.

If you have met someone that has the same sun sign that you have, chances are they may or may not be like you and if they aren’t, this is probably because they have a different moon sign than you have.

As your day ends, you might see that you have a lot of stress and this is where your moon sign comes in. When this happens, you need to figure out what your emotions are and why you are having them. Are they something you normally hide? If so, your moon sign might be there to help you to face these things in yourself.

The moon sign can be seen in the relationships that you have. It can show you if you are loved and what you think of love. It can even help you to know what kind of people you are attracted to.

You can figure out what your moon sign is by looking online and finding out how to calculate it. If you want to add astrology to your life, find your moon sign and journal it. By doing this, you can figure out what kind of astrological practices that make you who you are. Look at your moon and lunar cycles and then you can journal these things as well and see how they shape your life.

What is the Rising Sign?

The rising sign that you have is also known as the ascendant sign. This is what people see about you. When you first meet someone, they will know you because of your rising sign. This shows your zodiac and works with the time you were born.

People that you interact with will know you by your rising sign. This happens because it is hard for us to see ourselves the way that other people see us. Whatever you give to others such as your personality traits, how stressed or anxious you are or if you are calm, this is part of your rising sign.

This sign is different than your moon and your sun sign and it can show you about what you are like on the outward. This can be part of your physical and the different traits that you have. Do you have a big nose or high cheek bones? This is part of your rising sign.

The rising sign is a certain place and time that you were born in and it shows the things that you learned as a child. The way that you were raised is part of this. You have become something because of how you were raised and your ascendant can show this off.

Final Thoughts

Once you know your different signs, you can figure out how they work together to make you who they are. You will see that your astrological person can be complex and hard to understand but you can go deep and figure it out.

Find out what houses that your planets are in, and this will help you to understand it all better. When someone asks you what sign you are, ask them what they mean and show them that you know all of your signs.

Figure out who you are and discover your personality traits and let your journey take you to growth and understanding.

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