Understanding Your Dreams

Understanding Your Dreams

Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers them. This is why it is important to keep a dream journal. If you are already journaling your dreams, you might find that the dreams that you have are full of meaning. They might show you different things that you have experienced in your life or show you things that you wanted or that you were emotional about.

Dreams help you to reveal things that you might not even know about yourself. There might be things that you want that your soul is showing you while you sleep.

There are more things written about dreams than almost anything in the world. The process of dreaming still is something that is studied because it has never been fully understood. This is even part of science and is used in therapy sessions.

Dreams will help you to understand things that you are going through in your life, and they can help you to understand the situations that you are facing. There are different dream processes that are important to understand and once you understand the valuable part of the mind and emotions, the dreams will help you to grow.

Dreams Offer an Opportunity to Grow

There is no dream that has zero meaning. Dreams have images, symbols, and signs all through them and this means that they have meanings. The meanings can include things about your emotions or your thoughts. It can even tell more about what you believe.

Before you push a dream aside as not important, explore it and find out what message it is trying to give you. This could be a critical message of how you are living your life, or it can be a way that you can learn to grow and take new opportunities.

Dreams and Messages

Each dream has a message for you and will tell you something important about your life. It can have many different meanings and not all meanings will work for you. There are objective and subjective symbols that can form from your dreams but if the message is intended to be associated to you then you need to figure out what language it is trying to reveal to you. Dreams will make sense if you break them down.

Dreams and Mysteries

Symbols in your dream can be metaphors for larger things that are going on in your life. Dreams have meanings that are understood by the person having the dream. You might see a pink elephant, and this could come because your deceased parent loved elephants. That won’t be the same symbol for everyone in their dreams and you have to determine what it means to you.

Characters Show Your Consciousness

The characters in your dream can play a huge role in what you believe. They can mirror things that you are going through in your life, and they should seem real.

  • Bad Dreams Can be Good

Don’t fear a bad dream because even a nightmare can give you information. This can be conflicts or warnings that you have, and it can cause you to feel threatened or harmed but the truth is that this is about showing you what your fears are. When you confront these things, you will see that they can be fixed.

  • Dreams and the Jewish Talmud

This says that “A dream not understood is like a letter left unopened.” This means that you need to understand the dreams that you have. This is important in Jewish custom and tells you that every symbol that you have in your dream will be precious and important.

  • Dreams Can be Wise

You cannot control your dream directly and the dreams come from a place of wisdom. This is the subconscious mind that allows you to go higher. It is the place of your creativity and the place where your intelligence comes out. If you are someone that does lucid dreaming, you might be able to control the outcome of the dream, but this is something that doesn’t directly control the dream, just how you handle it. If you are doing this though you might force actions and it will be an ego-based dream that will not give you the solution that you need. Always have balance when dreaming.

  • Dreams Bring Wisdom and Intuition

Wisdom is important and if you are deeming then you can use your wisdom and your intuition to help you to decide what messages are coming through to your dreams. This is a process that allows you to take time to interpret your dreams and really understand them.

Use a dream dictionary to process what you are trying to understand about your life. There are many dream dictionaries that you can find and based on the different interpretations, the dream might sound different. Find out which ones fit your life and which ones can be decoded about yourself and about those around you.

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